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2008-06-28 06:45:24 ET

but I wanted to keep u folks in the loop:


It appears I'm starting to work for 5min.com this Tuesday. I have a trial-period of course, but I think I'm gonna be a good fit there. Wish me luck!
I'm a bit late jumping in on the startup parade, but you know, I figured it was bound to happen sometime. My position at the Gemius project, though much more promising (and a slightly higher pay) just wasn't going anywhere. Been there for three months now, and still no contracts signed..So.. You know, a man's gotta work.

I'm also applying for an MBA program focusing on business and marketing psychology. Two days a week BS at the College of Management for a couple of years. It's right up my alley, career-wise, and you know, doesn't hurt the CV one bit.
Especially if I ever want to gtfo of this country.

(That is unless any of you faithful readers know a cheap/fast way to get me an H1B visa (or better) =])

What else is new?

oh yeah, West Coast Extravaganza 2008 was absolutely incredible. I had an amazing time. Got to see some really great people, family, and friends. I missed a few of you too, I know (sorry Brad), I wish I had more time. I tried to extend my stay, but there were just no flights, and I'm already overdrafting about a month's salary, and that's before I paid rent or had a job, so...

I wish I could move Berlin, London and New York City to California and move somewhere in between.

Where's my fucking teleporter, future? *shakes fist*

Well, I think that's it.


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