Thank you oh parential figures!
2002-08-02 03:34:47 ET

Yup! Me parents came back from Scottland, and brought lottsa stuff! Jeans, shirts, whiskey, but most importantly: SALT N VINEGAR CHIPS!! You can't get those around ere. People in Israel are disgusted by the concept. Only a select few (me!) have a taste for it. Possibly has to do with my Australian upbringing. Hmm. I don't like Vegamite anymore though.

(*) Munching a packet of chips in front of the box (*)

2002-08-02 09:40:20 ET

*steals your chips* I love me some salt and vinegar chips!:D And.....I want to go to Scottland damn it!

2002-08-03 04:21:52 ET

I'm goin to Scottland this October (maybe the end of September.. Scottland and Holland. (muhahaha). Yay for me.

2002-08-03 13:02:53 ET

*pinches you* That's okay...won't be long and I'll be able to start traveling soon as that job comes through I am set!:P

2002-08-03 13:32:23 ET

Cool ! :) Where ya headin' ? Scottland-Holland for me is just a small vacation of a sort. My big trip is planned for a cross country in the US. Coast to coast. Might drop by Mexico for a while, or steer north to Canada.

2002-08-03 13:52:11 ET

:) I am going to visit England(again)and Sweden(again)for sure! I will probably eventually make it back to Itally and the Grand Caymen....I've never made it to Scottland,Ireland,Egypt,Canada or Austrailia...and I've always wanted to.

Well, if you end up in California....drop me a line...I'm almost always up for meeting new people!:) I'd skip Mexico though if I were you. Everytime I've been there I couldn't wait to get away. I've always thought Canada would be fun though....When are you planning to make this big trip of yours?

2002-08-03 13:57:35 ET

Hmm... I lived in Australia for a while, you should definately go there - but even more importantly - go to New Zealand. It's the most amazing place on Earth.
My trip is planned for next summer, hopefully by then me n' a friend will have the money. The US isn't all cheerful about foreigners illegaly workin in the states, which was my original plan.. Ho, well, finish the army, get a job, work like a maniac, then fly fly away, buy a big ol' winnebago and sleep in caravan parks :)

I'll probably end up in California for a while (I was there twice before, and enjoyed myself immensly) - and you seem tre cool, I'd love to meet up (that is unless you turn out to be a psycho serial killer. That would suck).

...I've actually been to Mexico. I was there for a month all across the Yucatan Peninsula.. It was rather beautiful.. But I suppose Mexico-California is kinda disgusting (I hear Tijuana isn't all it's cracked up to be...) though Baha seems kinda cool..

2002-08-03 16:14:31 ET

No where is all the cheerfull about foreigners working illigaly....would have stayed in Englad if that didn't mean possibly being banned from the country if I had been caught...and I could have been a tea lady on a train too...*sigh* LOL

Being a psyco killer would suck? But you like JTHM don't ya!:P

Maybe I did miss the "beautiful" parts then...

2002-08-04 07:42:54 ET

ahh, 'tis true, but it wasn't always this way. Since 9-11 US Immigration has become reeeeaaly strict (rightfully so, but it interferes with my little schemes, so I'm against it).

Ahh, and yes, I am one of the few who liked Jhonen Vasquez when he was still starving, waay back in the previous century. :) I wonder if Vasquez fans are as rare in the states as they are here... Probably not since he went national with Invader Zim (which we don't get here).

THIS IS HEAVEN (you can stop praying now).

2002-08-04 15:22:16 ET

Understood....just as I am opposed to England having work exchange programs set up with almost every other country except the US(more than likely the case to keep fat lazy touristy type Americans as much at bay as possible, understandibly so but it interferes with MY little schemes for world domination.... ooops...did I let that slip?):)

Nah....pretty common place even prior to the Zim invasion due to the embrase of quite a few rivet and goth sceensters.

2002-08-04 18:40:30 ET

Damn britts. To hell with em all.

Hmm... I see then. Make you feel kinda... not.. special, heh?

2002-08-04 18:58:14 ET

lol....nah...I do like some of them quite a bit!

At least when it comes to that....but hey I convince myself I'm special for other reasons!...go me!:P

2002-08-06 09:41:31 ET

I like Monty Python. The rest can go piss off. Heh heh hehe ehem. nevermind that.

Go you indeed :)

2002-08-06 20:40:47 ET

Ohhhhh I looove Monty Python as well! Do you like the comedian Eddie Izard(sp?) too?

yay...thankyou!:D....see now I can tack that comment on to my list things to delude myself with in believeing I'm special. :P

2002-08-07 08:01:27 ET

Heh heh. You're funny. Never heard of Eddie Izard - Do tell me which of his works I should illegally download off the net so that I might enjoy him as much as you :)

:: Eeee's not the messiah! He's a very naughty boy! ::

2002-08-07 11:50:07 ET

Uhm....anything you can find really. I've only seen two performences he's done....both were spectacular....I think one was called "Dressed To Kill"....not positive though. I'll go looking for you if I get a chance.

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