Go here.
2002-08-02 04:04:04 ET

I just signed Israeli EBM band Observe and Control's Guestbook, and I saw a link to this other Israeli industrial band The Vultures. Both bands have good beats and good riffs.

2002-08-02 04:07:33 ET

your name here makes me think of the song
turn around, bright eyes
everynow and then i fall apart, but i need now tonight. i need more than ever! =----total eclipse of the heart---

2002-08-02 04:09:13 ET


*plump* - The sound of me fainting.

2002-08-02 04:10:52 ET


2002-08-02 04:12:18 ET

* listening to vultures-inrernal plea.mp3 *

2002-08-02 04:12:55 ET


2002-08-02 04:15:42 ET

You visited them?

2002-08-02 04:16:27 ET

nah! so how are you?

2002-08-02 04:18:29 ET

Uhm. I'm fine thanks.

2002-08-02 04:18:51 ET

where are you again?

2002-08-02 04:20:08 ET

shitty-little-place called Hod Hasharon, Israel. We hate suburbia.

2002-08-02 04:20:56 ET

i have family from israel,. i don't know exactly where. it's distant family really...so ....yeah.

2002-08-02 04:22:59 ET

Uh... cool. Sucky for them :P

2002-08-02 04:24:32 ET

i would like to go there sometime and get in touch with my roots. actually no, i just want to see where yeshua's tomb is...wait, that isn't israel is it?

2002-08-02 04:29:10 ET

Probably is. There's a zillion saints tomb of all religions across Israel.

2002-08-02 04:30:01 ET

ah! yeshua isn't a saint...i don't know what he was...not the messiah i don't believe

2002-08-02 04:31:37 ET

By saint I mean any mythological/historical person referred to in "holy" writings.

2002-08-02 04:32:24 ET


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