Last night (this morning?)
2002-08-03 05:12:42 ET

Yeesh, what a night. 10 beers and that's just the begining. Was a terrific evenin'.. started out racing through esoteric streets in what I like to call "The Badlands" (aka Petach Tiqva area) with Noa and Ladyorion wee that was fun. Later at the Lielinblum I got pissed on who knows what alcohol they serve claiming it's beer... Don't remember much else.. I was wasted and kinda danced ..uhh.. close(?) ..uhm.. (too close) to some guys. (I'm straight I tell ya!) On the bright side I found out that Observe and Control are having a concert on the 17th of August at the Heinekin Club. Yay. We go! Thassit for now.

Addendum 23:45 UTC - I just came back from Jerusalem. All my friend'shave been drinking and smoking since noon. They weree sooo fucked up, it was so funny. Had a great time. Sleep now.

2002-08-03 07:00:24 ET

you`re sooooooo gay.

2002-08-03 07:03:43 ET

Piss off lesbo bitch!

2002-08-03 07:04:27 ET

I am NOT gay. For chrissake you of all people should know. ;)

2002-08-03 07:09:04 ET

well...this doesn`t prove you`re not gay! (i told ya i have a thing with gays anyway, this proves my point)

2002-08-03 07:10:08 ET

Grrrrrrrr........ I'll be forced to sleep with some more women just to prove my straightness I see. Ho, well, darnit. :P

2002-08-03 08:31:41 ET

heh...don't fight it. you know your gay. ;) hey, this is off subject but how do you get the little cursor like that?

2002-08-03 08:35:19 ET

you see! i told ya. :)

2002-08-03 13:41:09 ET

Grr. Noa, you will pay for this.

FallenAngel - you can add styles to your main page's body by adding them to the top of your biography - view the source page and look for "background-attachment"

2002-08-03 21:31:43 ET

yeah? how?

2002-08-04 07:43:52 ET

Somebody will be walking home from the Leilinblum this weekend !!!

2002-08-04 07:45:03 ET

Grrr. :-P

2002-08-04 08:46:29 ET


2002-08-04 09:55:32 ET

Welcome hon.

2002-08-04 09:57:37 ET

:D I feel special now

2002-08-04 09:59:34 ET

"Oh, you are special." .. .*G*

2002-08-04 10:03:33 ET

:) you flatter me

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