2009-04-03 12:31:40 ET

Apparently Twitter is all the rage now. I'm @Singularity.

2009-04-03 13:47:46 ET

i fear that site.

2009-04-04 07:38:57 ET

Rightfully so.

2009-07-08 15:46:32 ET

Agreed with her. That stuff is blah to me.

2009-07-09 03:38:26 ET

I've actually become quite enchanted with it. It's hard to explain. Blogging is tiresome, social networks rapidly turn into "yet-another-inbox", but twitter still feels fresh, like an ongoing cocktail party.

2009-10-15 03:21:04 ET

twitter is wonderful! i just farted with glee! ima subscribe to yer feed via sms messages cause i can!

2009-10-15 03:22:43 ET

angel and xanithe: i love twitter for much the same reasons i love sk and then some. it's stripped down and just functions very very well for exactly what it does without all the tacked on bullshit of myspace and facebook. and whats better, it integrates with about a billion other fucking things that myspace and facebook couldn't ever hope to. it's quite probably the most simple-yet-versatile website currently on the internet.

2009-10-15 13:46:20 ET

fuck off lars. <3
lulz jaykay

the internets already takes up enough of my time!

2009-10-15 14:03:53 ET

i have twitter linked to my foan though so i dont even has to be on teh internets! and i have my myspace and facebook status slaved to twitter! if, say, i go out of town and am away from internet internet access, i can put tweetsnap in an entry on my sk page, so then, magically thanks to twitter, i can, in effect, update update my facebook, myspace, AND subkultures pages simultaneously with no internet access to any of them by simply sending a text message to twitter from my phone. and whats better is all responses i get also get sent to my phone via sms. i LOVE twitter. it just integrates so seamlessly with almost anything anyone can dream up now with all the various applications people have created for it. and it's so minimal in design, with no advertising. it's more of a very useful tool for me than a waste of time; granted there is a lot of nonsense people post on it. but i get that sent to my cell phone too d-;

2009-10-15 14:13:17 ET

the career advisor at the art institute i went to in los angeles was adament about how important social networking is becoming in society as well, and highly suggested we all get twitter accounts. it's helped me keep tabs on so many opportunities work-wise and other-wise that i would have otherwise missed. so many companies, artists, and other individuals have feeds on there that it's absurd.

another example i could use was when i was stuck in spokane recently. i follow 'spokanetracker' on twitter (one of many local city bots i follow on there) which grabs and reposts anything any twitter user says with the word 'spokane' in it to anyone else following spokane tracker. so when i was stuck in spokane and looking for a ride, all i did was send out a text from my cell phone saying that i was looking for a ride from spokane to seattle. this not only then updated my facebook and myspace statuses with this message besides my twitter status, but since i follow spokanetracker on twitter, it automatically recognized and reposted my tweet looking for a ride to anyone and everyone on twitter in spokane who follows spokanetracker as well. the possibilities on twitter for getting a message out there are just limitless in this way.

anyway yeah sorry to ramble, i just seriously love twitter. i really prefer it to either myspace or facebook just because honestly it's far less of a waste of time. sure it can be as much as anything can be but it's so much more versatile of a tool than just that.

2009-10-15 15:15:00 ET

your fanboyness over certain things is something i am growing to love about you.

2009-10-15 15:37:03 ET

lol...when i find a reason to like something i'm usually passionate about it d-;

i'm actually in the process of finding ways to make an sk entry via twitter that's also only accessible by twitter d-; ha

2009-10-19 11:00:27 ET

That sounds interesting.

Though frankly, I kinda like the way SK forces you to sit down and interact in front of your computer.

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