This shell we call our lives.
2002-08-09 19:12:41 ET

Went to the Lilienblum 25 (again) tonight. First I went to Liron's place, and we watched Buffalo 66' (well, I watched, Liron seemed kinda bored with it). Then we went to pick up Amir and go to Tel Aviv. On the way we picked up Noa from the festinakash extreme rock festivities etc. When we entered the club Amir and I were called back by the security guard, who did a body search on us for drugs, saying that the girl we came in with (i.e. Noa) was caought last week with some fellows who did some hard drugs, and that if we'd get caught it's straight to the police, and blah blah blah. hehe heh. That was funny. Anyway, I drank a ton of crappy alcohol in the Lili, and by the time i was ready to leave, suddenly Dj Erez put Maschine Eisenbass and we all started dancing like madmen. Yay. Then I drove Noa home to the evil Petah Tiqva.
Right after dropping off Noa, I felt a sudden urge to crawl up into a ball, wither away, and disappear. Not die, just implode... into oblivion. I hate spontanious depressions. I don't think there's much wrong with me. It's really the cry of our whole generation, to have someone that understands us, and is still willing to hold us close to their hearts. I feel so lonely.
I sure hope this is all shitty-alcohol induced.

2002-08-09 20:14:51 ET

Somehow, I doubt it's the alcohol...

2002-08-10 00:18:07 ET

Gee, great.

2002-08-10 07:22:06 ET

all i have to say is =p.

2002-08-10 13:57:47 ET

Thanks, Noa, I appreciate your support.
God, someone hit me, please.

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