Beer and Pretzels: Breakfast of Champions
2002-08-13 06:56:48 ET

Went out yesterday drinking. Came back 3:40. Fell asleep at work again.

What kind of Drug Addict are you?

... I love you Mary Jaaaaane...........

:: Listening to: Cypress Hill & Sonic Youth - I love you MaryJane ::

2002-08-13 07:01:47 ET

What kind of Drug Addict are you?

2002-08-13 07:03:51 ET

Oi vey! A nihilist!

2002-08-13 07:19:34 ET

pot sucks

2002-08-13 07:22:14 ET

"smoking pot is cool...." I'm quoting your biography tairyn-cide.

BUSTED! :) Heh heh.

2002-08-13 07:22:36 ET

...sarcasm........(read the rest)

2002-08-13 07:22:48 ET


2002-08-13 07:23:28 ET

:)) Thank you, lord. For sarcasm.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh....... Heh heh.

2002-08-13 07:24:29 ET

mhmmmm hahaha...we must all understand each other at some point..

2002-08-13 07:38:04 ET

hmmmm shai i`m gonna take this too :)

2002-08-13 07:42:24 ET

Post the results :) They're sure to be shocking. :))

2002-08-13 07:42:32 ET

What kind of Drug Addict are you?

2002-08-13 07:42:37 ET


2002-08-13 07:44:18 ET

What kind of Drug Addict are you?

oh...come on!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

2002-08-13 07:46:00 ET

haha crackhead

2002-08-13 07:47:18 ET

well it`s time for total eclipse to say something like
"i told u so."

i`m waiting.
i wonder how come they dont have e on the test.

2002-08-13 07:48:13 ET


2002-08-13 07:49:53 ET

oh shut up!!!!
i can handle my problems DUDE

god..this makes me wanna go to the darker sides of the city..did u know that one dose is only 30 nis?

2002-08-13 07:54:34 ET


Too bad shrooms cost so much here. I'd take one NOW.

2002-08-13 07:55:24 ET

how do YOU know how much this costs :P?

2002-08-13 07:57:41 ET

I had a loooong discussion about this subject with Moshe last night :P

So there.

2002-08-13 07:58:37 ET

bout coke or shrooms?

2002-08-13 07:59:48 ET

Both, and others.

2002-08-13 08:05:01 ET

just got a nice phone call bout the subject.
me. happy.

2002-08-13 08:12:42 ET

Uh-huh. K.

2002-08-13 08:13:16 ET

i`m going to get some beer

2002-08-13 08:17:47 ET

Enjoy. Beer is uber.

2002-08-13 15:56:59 ET

*sticks out her tongue*

2002-08-14 05:00:30 ET

Bitter? Cynical? Naaaah. That's not you. It lies this quiz, it liiiieeeeeessss. :)

2002-08-14 05:02:38 ET

i`m citter and bynical!

2002-08-14 05:03:50 ET

I'm talking to Liron, YOU are addicted to cocaine, remember?

2002-08-14 05:13:20 ET

no i`m not.
i dont do drugs.

2002-08-14 05:15:28 ET

When in doubt, growl. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

2002-08-14 05:16:43 ET

seriously, i don`t.
all the times i was hallucineting stuff?
too much pop rocks.

2002-08-14 05:20:25 ET

Yep. Maybe it was alll a dreaaaammmmmmmmm...*fade sequence to real life*

2002-08-14 05:25:16 ET

yeah it was.

2002-08-14 05:31:17 ET

You sound rather certain.

2002-08-14 05:35:30 ET

i am from now on Sraigth Edge.
first i have to learn how to write :straight:.


2002-08-14 05:51:07 ET

:))))))))) I giggle greatly!!!!!!

2002-08-14 05:51:34 ET


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