I don't remember...
2002-08-14 05:07:35 ET

What happened. I just realized that hey, it's Wednesday, /mavetgoth is talking to me about going to the Fetish, so it must be wednesday. But... But yesterday was Monday, and Moshe my friend was here... Wasn't it?

Either too much alcohol, or I was abducted by aliens.


Those are the only options.


I shut up now.

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2002-08-14 11:37:04 ET

d00d you're lucky. you have lotsa cool friends to go out with. :(

2002-08-15 04:02:44 ET

Yeah... Sometimes I don't feel so lucky (e.g. Last Wednesday night dragging-drunk-hell)... But I guess it sucks worse being alone... No scene in your area?

2002-08-15 08:49:53 ET

Nope.. there's a metal club downtown, but other than that, nothing interesting.

2002-08-15 14:53:33 ET

Mmm... Bummer. The alt-electro scene is really getting a big push down here... There's someplace to go every other day of the week, and sometimes more than one place.. But it really is a small "community" scene. Everybody knows everybody etc...

2002-08-15 14:54:35 ET

sounds kewl. :D

2002-08-15 14:57:19 ET

:) Uhm, yeah I guess it's cool. Feels cozy to "belong"... Hmm... Being recognized from IRC is kinda weird at first, but I suppose you get used to everything. :)

2002-08-15 15:04:10 ET

is IRC a chat thing? [im a l00zer, help me out here.]

2002-08-15 15:11:09 ET

Yup. Internet Relay Chat if I recall. Anyway on DALnet there's some "scene" channels... I'd invite you to see, but it's in Herew :/

2002-08-15 15:11:54 ET

x.x yeah, i'd be pretty lost.

2002-08-15 15:13:43 ET


Hmm... Maybe you should check up on local channels too. Who knows.. Maybe there's a scene hiding behind a locked closet somewhere... (I gotta tell ya I was pretty much unaware of the Israeli scene until a few months ago when I stumbled upon it..)

2002-08-15 15:16:35 ET

Well.. this IS Iowa, there is *no* scene here. All there is is that metal club downtown. I've checked and checked, but really. Everythings dead. LoL

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