Everybody runs.
2002-08-16 06:23:09 ET

Went to see Minority Reports at Dizingoff Square in Tel Aviv. Hmm. While waiting in line to pick up our free tickets, I saw an old bag lady across the street fall on the floor. She started crying. It was so sad. Two people came to help her - an old Russian immigrant and a young Ethiopian immigrant security-guard-girl-person. I don't even know why I'm telling you this, ... But something in the sight of an old long-haired lady wearing rags crying on the floor, and these two strangers helping her up, getting her water, a chair, treating her knee... Something moved me. Maybe this place is worth fighting for. I dunno. This country is so saturated with pain, arrogance, ignorance, brutality and just plain obnoxiousness, you sometimes forget that at the end of the day, we all just wanna get along. It sure didn't seem so last night when some asshole crossed over from the opposite lane in traffic and almost got me killed in a frontal collision, and then when I gave him the eye, he just gave me the finger. But still...maybe... Anyway, enough with that rant.
So the movie's okay. The story has a few holes (not a swisscheese like some other Spielbergian work... but you definately don't need to be a nitpicker to see that some stuff doesn't really fit).. But there are a few nice ideas, and graphically it's quite amazing. So I say, go watch, but don't expect anything brilliant, and have a good time.
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2002-08-16 09:28:33 ET

*cough* *cough* *hack* *hack*

2002-08-16 19:17:41 ET

You're still coughing? :P

2002-08-16 20:53:34 ET

I know what you're talking about with the hole people driving thing. the other day me and my dad were crossing a parking lot and some fucker just zooms right passed us...almost ran over me the bastard...but yeah.....

2002-08-17 22:20:26 ET

When people drive they become maniacs. This is a known fact. I'm waiting for a psycho-social analyst to explain this to me, but for now I simply accept it.

2002-08-18 12:46:14 ET


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