This is the only productive thing I did today..
2002-08-21 10:35:50 ET

Well, that and buy 200 NIS' worth of comic books...

A turtle. Of a sort.

Hmmm.. Also said goodbye to my dear friend Lady Orion.. She's going to the States for a few weeks. *sniff* Missing ya already (and it's only been an hour and a half since I left your house! Eep!!).

Thassit for now.

2002-08-21 11:06:08 ET much is that?

2002-08-21 11:28:01 ET

200 NIS is approx 44 USD.. But if you wanna really relate to how much it costs it's 10 hours work on Israeli minimum wage which is equivalent to about 75 USD, or if you like, I can give you the ultimate in economics translations - The McDonalds index: For 200 NIS (as mentioned, 10 hours min. wage) you can buy slightly less than 6 Big Mac Combo meals. Compared to about 9 Big Mac Combo Meals in the US for 44 USD, or for 10 hours minimum wage, approx 15(!!) Big Mac Combo Meals.

So, as you can understand, we're talkin bout big money. :)

2002-08-21 11:36:40 ET

mmm...I UNderstand...

2002-08-21 11:52:31 ET

But it's money well spent. Got me Jetlag by Actus, some SLG (Murder can be fun!) and lottsa Vertigo...

2002-08-22 05:30:36 ET

I'm in a damn stinkin' 'net cafe by the empire state building. can't smoke in here. oh, the horror.

2002-08-22 06:01:39 ET

Lirooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Oh, poor baby. Can't smoke anywhere in the states anymore, huh?

2002-08-22 13:35:46 ET

Wow, I thought that was only in California...

2002-08-23 00:57:19 ET

You poor bastards. Damn prohibition.

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