2002-08-24 06:59:42 ET

What a weird night. It was about 2:00, and I was damn certain I wasn't going to be doing anything tonight, seeing as I have no money (my atm card wouldn't let me get money out of the wall seeing I have -500NIS. D'oh.).. And then my friend Amir called. I called him like 5 hours ago, seems he only then finished the graveyard shift at Tower Records. Anyway, he was up for going out drinking (not dancing though, ho, hum). I picked him up, we went strolling down Alenbi road, grabbed a quicky beer at The Elefant Bar (spelling mistake in the original)..Then we moved on to The Mike's Place by the sea. Mike's Place is an old Jerusalem pub, that migrated to Tel-Aviv. It was so weird. There were so many familiar faces there. It's as if all former-Jerusalemites, when they come to Tel-Aviv, go to the same pub. It was really bizzare. I saw peopel I hadn't seen in years... And we useda all go to the same pub in Jerusalem. Very de ja vu... Odd thing was I didn't see Subkultured Dima who hangs out there regularly... I guess he went to the Hendrix tribute concert by Yavneh afterall..

I'm not sure, but I think it's good that I didn't go out dancing last night. It was good for me and Amir to catch up. We spoke of lottsa serious stuff that's going on in our lives right now.. .The big question of the evening was "So, what now?"... I'll probably discuss this topic a bit more later on... For now tah-tah....!

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2002-08-24 07:52:03 ET

:D I missed that one too... went to visit a friend in tel nof, had some vodka... no biggie

2002-08-24 08:09:38 ET

S'cool. :)

2002-08-24 08:53:34 ET


manhattan is boring me.
I wanna get to minnesota already.

send me mail you fucktards.

2002-08-24 10:56:13 ET

fucktards! yay! That sounds delicious! I've been meaning to sendya.. Here we go. :)

2002-08-24 21:40:58 ET

only a few days in the states and already you're using such beautiful language Lady O. "fucktards"...

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