2002-08-25 06:06:58 ET

Yesterday was void as far as I'm concerned. Only thing worth mentioning is that I got a phone call from New York from Liron and Dina. Yay! :) Uhm... Thassabout it. Today another week started at the army... I don't have a lot of these left. I just realized that since my release date is 21/9... And the 21st is Saturday... That means I actually get out on the 19th! w00t! ..
Hmm.. This is what I did today.. It's not finished.. But I never have the will to finish em'...:

:: Listening to: BlutEngel - Vampire Romance ::

2002-08-26 17:49:32 ET

What program do you make those in?

2002-08-26 20:42:34 ET

looks like flash+photoshop

2002-08-27 01:08:02 ET

just plain ol' photoshop.. Don't have flash at the office.

2002-08-27 01:44:07 ET

good nuff :)

2002-08-27 06:26:57 ET

:) danke

2002-08-27 06:27:44 ET

nicht problemmen

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