Oh, I forget
2002-08-25 08:44:48 ET

I also made this pointless splashy thing for my page:


Heh. Someone get me a life.

:: Listening to: Placebo - Bruise pristine (one inch punch remix)

2002-08-25 09:00:30 ET

Friends say its fine, friends say its good, everybody says its just like robin hood

2002-08-25 09:16:59 ET

Uhm... K.. I dinna get that, but cool. Thanks for tagging me!

Now that you know who I am, don't be a stranger. :)

2002-08-25 09:24:05 ET

Ah, that was a Placebo song "Twentieth Century Boy"

2002-08-25 09:29:37 ET

Ahh.. Placebo is a band that everything of theres that I've heard I liked.. and yet I never bought an album.. so I donno too many songs..

2002-08-25 09:58:15 ET

Ah...I think it's a B-side anyway

It's a good listen though, worth a download

2002-08-25 09:59:42 ET

Most everything is. :) God I love dot.communism. It's fun sharing other people's hard work. Heh heh.

2002-08-27 17:26:09 ET

blaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh getalife.

2002-08-28 00:55:44 ET

To you I say " :-P "

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