Synthetic Equinox
2002-08-28 07:24:52 ET

The subject of this post is just a meaningless expression, but it sounds cool.


Anywayz, tonight I go bowling for the first(!!) time in my life (ghast!). Yep. It seems like fun (well, I liked Buffalo 66 and The Big Lebowski. This is all I know about bowling). . . . After that I'm gonna go to some dark 80s party at The Fetish with Noa. . . That's all for now. May the beer flow like water in the streets of Prague.

:: Listening to: Tiga and Zyntherius - Sunglasses at Night::

2002-08-28 07:26:46 ET

ooo bowling is mucho fun my friend! you will love it

2002-08-28 07:30:43 ET

bowling sucks ass.
but i want vodka tonight, buba

2002-08-28 07:33:22 ET

Hmm. Contradiction. What to do what to do.???????????

Hey, buba, wanna go for a ride?

2002-08-28 13:21:19 ET

d00d, no bowling? thats like no fraggle rock. except im bad at bowling. bleh.

have fun!

2002-08-28 15:23:40 ET

Thanks! I had a good time bowling (hmm. I think my arm is gonna hurt tomorrow. Hmm. yep. My arm will hurt tomorrow).

I'm not even half bad at it either. I was nigh close to winning.

2002-08-28 16:12:02 ET

blaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh getalife.

2002-08-29 08:33:04 ET

Liron, you're becoming dangerously repetetive. Maaaaaybe you need to listen to some of your own advice?

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