Today is the greatest...
2002-08-30 10:25:51 ET


Well, anyway, woke up early today and went to the Love Parade in Tel-Aviv. There were thousands of people there, gosh, and it seemed for a moment as if I knew most of em'... It was so hot... hmmm.. There were these lifts for each club.. In the begining I kinda drifted between HAOMAN 17 club lift (some Jerusalemites I know were there) and club 80's... I mean how many times can you hear Anola Gay... Baah. Then I met some goot people, and soon afterwards DJ Duke Erez Ace went on the 80's lift. At first he started with some EBM crowd-pleasers (thanks for the VNV though!).. And then he started putting on all the goot heavy germaniaaa shit. That was fun. It was pretty amazing to hear Maschine Eisenbass on the walkabout in Tel-Aviv in middday. Heh. :) Anyways, it was soo goddamn hot, I really melted away.. I think I dehydrated. All I drank was beer. That was wrong of me. :) I couldn't bear the thought of trekking back to where I parked,.. Luckily a guy I know gave me a lift to my car (thanks Trashyyyyy!) .. Uhm that's about it. I'm thoroughly exhausted, but there's a long night ahead. I am SO going to fall asleep on the sofas at the Lilenblum 25 tonight...
Yes, and drink some more too. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

:: Listening to: Solitary Experiments - Paradox ::

2002-08-30 11:57:04 ET

Love Parade? I envy you!

2002-08-30 20:05:32 ET

1) It's duke erez S and not "ace".

2) not "lift" but "float". "lift" is an elevator.

3) WTF is sina?

2002-08-31 06:55:13 ET

Mead: Yeah, we rock here in Israel. *giggling to himself*


1) Whatever.

2) Whatever.

3) S.I.N.A. - Some heavy shit. Ask Noa.

2002-08-31 20:03:14 ET

I hate heavy shit.
gimme beborn beton.

2002-09-01 10:26:41 ET

lol!! Heh, I like synthgay too, but it was just uber hearing Hocico in the middle of Tel-Aviv during the day, with a crowd of 200,000 people dancing... You get the picture. L)

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