Heh... No surprise there.
2002-09-01 10:42:16 ET

AA meetings, broken families, and STD's in your future.

Life seems a little harsh on you right now, maybe you should

have a nice stiff drink.

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2002-09-01 10:52:06 ET

Your life has been absolute shite, and you need out.

You might think smack, crack, junk, snow, whatever.

We'll see you in rehab, either that or the gutter.

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i wont even comment bout this

2002-09-01 11:10:26 ET

I think I won't either.

2002-09-02 16:38:17 ET

Seems like you don't want to accept this reality.

Well there's another one, just beyond the green door.

There's an elephant on my nose. Choose a pill Neo.

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2002-09-03 13:23:50 ET

Alcohol rules.

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