This computer makes me all frowny with pure nougat-filled hatred!
2002-09-03 13:44:22 ET


Okay, so uhm, summary of stuff going on:

1) Me realizing I have about 4 days neto army time, within next two weeks.

2) Everybody else realising this, and panicing. (I'm damn sure it was fear I saw in her eyes).

3) They're gonna want me to stick around more.

4) Alcohol is a fair substitute for a social life.

5) Balcony night was weird this week. Not a lot of people at first, only Noa, Amnon, Mitzi, Sheqse and myself at first, in the whole pub. Then, all of a sudden, mysteriously it became zillions of people. I ran away to grab a bite at the Agadir Burger-Bar. Yum. I think I must've been kidnapped by aliens or something, coz when I left the Agadir on my way back to the Balcony I saw Noa Zombie pass me by on the street.. And when I offered her a ride I looked at my watch and suddenly it was quarter to two in the morning.

6) Ariel my bestest friend in the Universe came to visit me this morning. We went to some agencies to get details (pricings) for our flight.

7) All Travel Agency's are bitches.

8) As of this night it seems Ariel will be flying late September to London, meeting up with Ma'ayan (his girlfriend) who's already in Europe. I'll arrive at London a week later, and we'll catch a flight to Edinbrough. Then we'll travel around Scottland (I hope to catch the Highland Games, visit the Isle of Skye and the Loch Ness, and probably lot of castles n' stuff). Then it's back to London, and from there a flight to Amsterdam. We'll probably hang about Amsterdam for a few days, maybe meet up with some more friends, then travel around a bit (Harlem, De Hag, Rotterdam... Even Brussels. All options are valid ones)... By the 24th of October Ariel will be heading back home, while I intend to catch a flight to Milan, where I'll be meeting Vered from my unit. She has an apartment+vehicle in Milan, so I'll stay at her place. I still haven't got any plans from this point on of my trip, but moneywise, I'll probably be heading back to Israel by the 2nd of November or so.

10) Anyone know of any festivals/concerts or has any other tips for Europe around October? I'd appreciate all the help I can get!

11) I donno if I wanna stick around the army anymore. As I've mentioned, they're definately gonna offer something. I'm not ready to decide, but time is short. Damn. I don't suppose I'm going to be doing much from the 22nd (my current discharge date) till my flight... But still, I donno if I'm willing to stay, even if it is like another 1000 NIS or two...

12) People don't wear enough hats.

13) Just came back from a discharge party for two people from my section who I tutored. God I'm old.

14) Tal, I want my site back up again! Ugh!

15) Somethin creepy just crawledup my arm. I hate flying verminous things.

Beep me, beep me a hundred times, and beep the time.

:: Listening to Jinjiot - Beep ::

2002-09-03 19:38:28 ET

ok... my comments:
4) nothing can substitute having social life, and getting drunk all by yourself sucks ass
7) i work at a travel agency... they are bitches.
12) i liked "the meaning of life" too! oh fishy fishy fishy fish!

2002-09-03 20:27:13 ET

ok about scotland - ITS FUN!

if you get to inverness, thats the town near loch ness look up a place called hoho hostel. the prices are good and the people in there... well you'll see :)

2002-09-04 07:44:36 ET

LUNA - (4) Who said anything about drinking alone? I don't drink alone. That's my red line. I do however find myself drinking with people I don't normaly socialize with... Funny thing is I spoke about just this a few days ago in the army.. I drew a caricature about myself which can be found here. Anyways, I kid. I have a social life. Honest. Ask my friends. [insert silence, then cricket noises].
(7) Are you a 40 year old frustrated lesbian too??(!) ;)
(12) That went, wherever IIii did goooooooo. :) Monty Python rules.

Olorin - I'm definately gonna be in Inverness. Walla, hoho hostel.. hmmm.. Do they have a site maybe? .. Say, any other Scottish tips you can give me?

2002-09-04 07:46:40 ET

Hmm.. so the link will work you hafta go to , and then just type in the explorer bar thingie /images/caricature.gif .. No direct linking on sinfree (ugh). I need my site back, damnit.

2002-09-04 10:28:09 ET

i may not be a "40 year old frustrated lesbian," but i sure do work for one...

2002-09-04 13:04:16 ET

lol :) Heh, it seems though that I finally managed getting the tickets I wanted. It's like, London-Amsterdam is around 15 buck, but Amsterdam-Milan is like 150 bucks. That makes no sense at all... And of course they start by offering me the 300 dollar flight to Milan, then 150, and only THEN do they offer the cost-me-nothing flight from Amsterdam to Tel-Aviv stop-over in Milan.

2002-09-04 15:07:37 ET

Woah....I don't check out your sk page for a little bit and all kinds of stuff is going on with you!lol Then again....why would I expect differently? I think that everytime I read one of the more wordy sk'ers pages (which is all the people I have buddied because I like wordy people...I identify better no matter the content.:P)

Did you check out Eddie Izzard btw.? Never got back to me on what you thought...unless I missed your commentary.

Also I wanted to say...I want to go to London again too! *sobs*

I say get outa the military while you can!

And your right...more people should wear hats! I'm still waiting on my floppy gardening hat...:(

2002-09-04 15:19:08 ET

Heh. Yes. I didn't post for a while so I expleted myself rather nicely, I think. :)

Yeah, I downloaded Eddie Izzard but have been too lazy to actually watch it (I know, I know, BAD Eclipsey, BAD Eclipsey!!)
On the other hand, I have been watching some Invader Zim chapters, which rules. . . . Yesss. London is goot. Unfortunately I won't be able to stick around London too much, as I have flights to Edinbrough and too Amsterdam pretty much taking away all my London time... :/ Some other time i suppose...
Hmm... About the army, yeah, I guess I will discharge... I haven't made up my mind completely, and I do need the money... but I just can't seem to get myself to actually work anymore. I feel so saturated with that place... Baah.

Oh, that's a quote from Monty Python's Meaning of Life... hmm.. Though true, I'm still pretty sure it's a joke. ;)


2002-09-04 20:27:11 ET

I've got a friend up in Scotland, I'll ask her :)

2002-09-05 00:50:56 ET

pressed for time...but wanted to add further by saying:

hehe I see...*gives noogies for not watching the IZZARD. You must tremble at his might and watch him continuously!*.....

woohoo more ZIMMMM.....

all good places though. I'm sure you will have lotsa fun!:)......

actual work will be better in the long run! I understand though.

(.....NO! It's no joke! Python boys do not...okay that is what they do....but in the case of hats!!!! That was said from the heart!:p

2002-09-05 04:00:19 ET


*biting own kneecap for not watching Izzard yet*

Jhonen Vasquez is GOD. I think I've said that already somewhere/sometime...

2002-09-05 04:15:23 ET

I think vasquez,Izzard, and Monty Python form the trinity actually!!!:P And this is why you must get to your studies!

2002-09-05 04:39:57 ET

studies? Oh, watch Izzard. :))

Yes, I tend to agree. I'd add Woody Allen and make it a trinity-of-four (a-la Douglas Adams, which is also worth mentioning as a possible candidate, and make it an increasingly-inaccurately-named-trinity-of-five), but I know some people don't like him coz of his recent work. I like the stuff he did in the 70's. Tre cool for me. :)

2002-09-05 08:19:05 ET

mmmmmmmmmmmm......... invader zim... I LIKE THIS SHOW! *impersonation of GIR*
too bad that they took it off... fucking Nickelodeon!

2002-09-05 14:31:28 ET

Heh, we don't even got Nickelodeon, let me remind you. I feel kinda geeky downloading episodes of a cartoon of the internet... but... ack! I love Vasquez.

2002-09-05 16:23:02 ET

you don't? but you do have the "Cartoon Network" don't you? so how come you don't have Nickelodeon?
oh well, don't feel geeky, i have friends that download bootlegs of ren and stimpy that were never aired (for obvious reasons).

2002-09-07 05:18:09 ET

bootleg Ren & Stimpy??? Agghhh!!!! I gotta get me that!!!
I LOVE Ren & Stimpy!!!

And Cartoon Network bites monkey-asses.

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