estas mas funky para me
2002-09-04 13:25:15 ET

What a day. I can feel the pressure in the office. They know I'm not gonna give em' much more time. I've been thinking about what I should do as a release party. . We always have super-exagerated-extravagant release parties in my unit. It's a "thing" we got. Like, this week, two of my subordinates had a beack-release party, oriental style, with like a big shade, blankets, humus and pitas.. black coffee, and such. It was brilliant. A month ago a guy did a "chocolate-themed" release party. A few months before some people did a continental style, with like flags of each country, and some food from each locale.. Anyways, I was thinking of maybe renting a movie theatre. I'm discharging along with some other people, so we could do it together. I have no idea how much a thing like that could cost, but if we split it 3-4 ways, it might be doable... That would be ultraliciously cool. If that doesn't work out, I'm outta ideas. :/
Hmm... Tomorrow I go book my tickets. I didn't do it today coz the bitches at the travel agency took 5 hours to get back to me, and I had to nag em' a lot to get the price I wanted (we moved from 300 dollars for a flight from Amsterdam to Milan, to 150 dollars, to Amsterdam-Telaviv with a drop over at Milan for a few days which costs me nothing). Heh. Anyways, that's it. Ooo Lady Orion just called from the states. Yay! We miss herrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Uhm, that's all folks. Nothing to see here.

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2002-09-04 13:53:18 ET

Do a SWISS themed party!! Wear lederhosen and eat cheese. Oh, what fun.

2002-09-04 14:57:12 ET

Cheese is g00t! :)

2002-09-04 20:34:45 ET

a french wine party - wines and cheeses...

or zeeee best - a RUSSIAN party - tons of vodka and no food!

2002-09-05 04:02:13 ET

lol! This week it was an arab tent with arak... I'm not sure I can do that again. :)

2002-09-08 20:49:10 ET

arak? yach, impossible.

btw - mikes place this friday, I've had WAY too much beer and my gf had 2 long islands... great night

2002-09-09 15:21:32 ET

:) Always good. :) This friday was too hellucinatory. I donno exactly what happened, but there was Lilienblum 25, rosh hashanah, and plenty of alcohol, not necessarily consumed in the conventional manner.

2002-09-09 21:14:11 ET

what do you mean conventional? did you SHOOT UP alcohol too?

2002-09-10 05:41:20 ET

Lol! no, splashed people in faces!! :) Splashy splashy!

2002-09-11 05:11:06 ET

yey!!! good idea

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