Holiday special!
2002-09-06 06:11:57 ET

Tonight! One night only! Rosh Ha`shana evening special! Featuring:

* Shitty kibbutz dinner!

* Depressed old people who know me since I was born!

* Depressed grandmother who's having her first Rosh Ha`Shana without Grandfather!

* Tense, annoyed, family members!

* Shitty kibbutz dinner!

* And especially for me: Allergies induced by kibbutz plantlife! Yay!


:: Listening to: Infected Mushroom & Barry Sacharof - Birthday ::

2002-09-06 06:26:24 ET

having fun I take it?

God I just love those people who've known you all your life.... They always make me nervous when I'm around that type of person.

"My you've changed!" *dies*

2002-09-06 12:19:18 ET

LoL.. ahhh..

2002-09-07 04:58:39 ET

Ugh. It took forever, but I was strong this year, I survived. Got back home 00:00, got myself together and went to a great new years party at the Lilienblum. Got myself weeeeeeeee drunk. Joy!

2002-09-07 05:22:27 ET

I survived last night! Yay! Got back home round 00:00., got myself together, and went to the Lilienblum25 and got amazingly drunk! Joy! :head hurts: eep.

2002-09-07 05:39:21 ET

Lol... Maybe I should start celebrating the jewish new year, I have some ancestors that were jewish ofcourse they converted and changed their last name to avoid the gestapo but maybe I can revive it in future generaions of my family.
I work at a jewish owned coffee house. I'm anxiously waiting to see if we have those terrible draddle cookies for the holiday season again this year.

2002-09-07 06:10:04 ET

lol! All Jewish holidays relate to yucky food. It's our curse.

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