2002-09-07 06:45:37 ET

Ugh. Head. Hurts.

Well, I survived last night's terror. Got home 'bout 00:00, got myself together. Went to the Lilienblum 25. The music wasn't too hot, until Dj Erez went up. I can't hear Enola Gay any more. No more! No more I tell you! Ugh. Then Erez put lottsa Hocico and g00t stuff. It was my bud Sheqse's birthday.. And there was a beer-vodka-cola spalshing fight... I don't even rememeber much. I was used-and-abused as a towel.. And uhh... Hmm. Got drunk. It was all-n-all a fun night. thassit. My head hurts now.

:: Listening to: Inner Light - Phantasia ::

2002-09-07 18:40:30 ET

wasting alcohol. :(

2002-09-08 05:39:42 ET

Lol! Yeah, but it's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

2002-09-09 14:23:26 ET

oh, well then there cant be anything wrong in that. :P

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