I'm as cool as Kim Deal.
2002-09-08 14:34:23 ET

In Heaven.
You're mysterious, picky, and a bit aloof. Some people say you have a very cheery personality, but it's hard to say because you mask your emotions behind dark pretenses. You enjoy watching obscure movies and going to plays, but by the end of the day you're usually too wound-up by the ironies of your life to relax.
Which Pixies song are you?

2002-09-08 20:01:07 ET

i like the pixies. i'm going to take this test myself...

2002-09-09 15:48:57 ET

Pixies are great! post the results lemme seeee!

2002-09-09 19:09:43 ET

It's hard to get to know you, but once people do, they're in for a wild ride. You had a rough childhood, and it reflects in your speech and mannerisms- you're focused on things like whores and crack babies, which fascinates people at first but may ultimately drive them away. Despite your somewhat depraved outward persona, you're a truly decent person who craves and deserves love and friendships.

Which Pixies song are you?
i like this song!

2002-09-10 05:39:58 ET

Damn! I wanted to be Hey! :~(

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