Bill Gates!! *Shakes fist in air!*
2002-09-12 17:50:09 ET

The weirdest thing. when I type " " in my explorer, it thinks for a sec, and *poof* kills iexplore. If I do the same via everything works dandy. explain this to me. I uninstalled netscape (which I just installed yesterday. ugh. my page looks weird in it) thinking it had something to do with it (I got a weird jvm.dll error when trying to open the same page in netscape, and netscape *poofed* on me too).. I'm gonna try uninstalling java run time thingamajig... but damn.. this is soo freaky. Last resort would be to uninstall Internet Explorer 6 SP1.. but I really think that would probably uninstall the whole iexplorer... grrrrrrr this is so twisted. I tried doing an installrepair on internet explorer 6 sp1 but it didn't seem to do much..

Anyone has any ideas before I freak??

2002-09-12 17:55:23 ET

nope *poof*

(sorry, couldnt resist. its a damn great noise)

2002-09-12 17:58:16 ET

ahhh. netscape sux ass. [[or so ive heard]]

2002-09-12 17:59:53 ET

Yes, it does. -:(

2002-09-12 18:03:27 ET

Uh-huh!! It was the evil Java!!! (but don't be fooled everyone, just coz Java is automatically installed with Netscape doesn't give Microsoft the right not to support it in their programs)..

And a *poof* to you Bill.

2002-09-12 18:05:57 ET

ie has always been a good friend

2002-09-12 18:11:44 ET

Down with infidels! Destroy the nonbelievers! Out with the heretics! and other such expletions. ;)

2002-09-12 18:20:52 ET

very techno-advanced here. neat text. just thought i'd say hello on yours this time... (smile)

2002-09-12 18:21:25 ET

Well a dandy hello to you too pixi :)

2002-09-14 00:59:40 ET

your css is driving me nuts.

2002-09-14 08:35:16 ET

who? what? where? The fliph ?

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