I see with the eyes of a hunter
2002-09-14 09:31:02 ET

Uhm yeah, so today I was at my uncle's. He had a birthday, and there was this family shindig. It was actually kinda fun. I met up with my getting-ever-more-cool cousin. She's only like 14 or 15 or something and she's totally into good music (I don't even own a Mindless Self Indulgence CD). Her elder brother (he's 18) is now in Amsterdam, and we all had a good laugh at him oh-so-obviously-smoking-pot. (I wonder, when I flew to Amsterdam when I was 17, did my family get together and giggle about me too? That's sick!)..

Mmmm. Going to see xXx in half an hour with an old friend. Hope it doesn't suck.

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2002-09-15 01:17:48 ET

it does suck.

2002-09-15 05:51:03 ET

Nah, it was tre cool! It's not a good movie, per se, but I had a lotta fun. It's weird. Vin Diesel kinda reminds me of Adam Sandler. I recognized Rammstein... Was that Orbital too?

2002-09-16 20:18:17 ET

don't know. all I do know is that XXX, signs and some other ercent films are stupid copycats of older movies.

everything is SOOOO predictable

thats why I loved "colour of the night" so much

2002-09-17 01:04:54 ET

Heh heh... Predictable? Yes. You could say it's a post-modern statement, that everything that could have been said has already been said, better, blah blah blah... Or the could just be copycats of older movies. :) Still, the stunts were neat.

I agree about signs though. Except for the excellent direction of photography, there was no point to that one...

2002-09-17 01:18:27 ET

6th day repeating

2002-09-17 16:06:11 ET

6th sense u mean? Blah. That movie was boring. I knew from the start that he was a ghost. Kinda ruins the whole movie if there's no surprise.

2002-09-17 20:14:59 ET

6th day... or was it 3rd? yom haatzmaut, w/ will smith

2002-09-18 05:22:44 ET

AAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Independance Day. Yeah, that movie was crap. I don't really see much resemblance to Signs though, except the whole alien invasion general theme. One is an action-effects flic, the other is (supposed) to be an emo-thriller.

2002-09-18 20:35:37 ET

both are bullshit

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