This is just plain wrong.
2002-09-15 16:58:08 ET

Your Sex Life's Incredible!

You have sex more than Madonna,

And you always come!

Find the nearest warm body,

And fuck until you're numb!

How Does *Your* Sex Life Compare? Click Here to Find Out!

I think I have a cruddy sex life, thank you very much.

2002-09-15 18:12:40 ET

Your Sex Life's Very Active!

You have more sex than the rest,

But you're sex life isn't quite the best.

Most of the time you are getting laid -

You have sex so much, you should be paid.

How Does *Your* Sex Life Compare? Click Here to Find Out!

2002-09-15 18:14:16 ET

Heh, and you had sex today. See? this is just wrong.

2002-09-16 11:58:06 ET

Your Sex Life's Above Average!

You're sex life is good, but you're no ho,

It takes a while before you're ready to go.

You have more sex than the average joe.

You aren't really fast, but you sure aren't slow.

How Does *Your* Sex Life Compare? Click Here to Find Out!

mmmm... i don't like this quiz...

2002-09-16 14:02:47 ET

heh heh heh.

2002-09-16 17:12:53 ET

all these sex pix make me horny.

2002-09-17 01:02:32 ET

You just had sex yesterday! (grrr)

2002-09-17 01:35:07 ET

no. day before yesterday now. (missing my baby)

2002-09-17 15:42:40 ET

Grrrr. Everybody is having sex except me. Grrrrr.

2002-09-17 16:04:16 ET

oh, quit your bitchin' ! before my boyfriend and i hooked up, i haven't had sex for a whole year! (ok, so i had a friend that helped me out a couple of times, but that doesn't count...)

2002-09-17 16:09:17 ET

sex isnt that spectacular unless it's with someone worthwhile. trust me, i've tried many a guy and know. it's better to have sex in quality -- not quantity. my babe showed me this. and i havent been with anyone else since him. he's amazing.

2002-09-17 16:10:32 ET

I've done a year without sex, hon. [not impressed]. And yeah, I can bitch and moan. I'm not stuck in the fucking army anymore till absurn hours of the night during weekdays and weekends unending. I have (sortof) a life now. I wanna go back to the fun 18-year-old days. :)

:) תקופת הייחום שלי

2002-09-17 16:11:16 ET

i wanna be penelope cruz in vanilla sky.

2002-09-17 16:11:25 ET

i want to be loved like that.

2002-09-17 16:14:58 ET

:) Oh, I certainly agree.

Sex without love is an empty experience, but,.. as empty experiences go, it's.. one of the best. :)

2002-09-17 16:35:14 ET

sex is like pizza... even the worst pizza is pretty damn good...


2002-09-18 05:28:15 ET

*snickers* yeah. Yum. Pizza. :)) *slurp!*

*thinking way too dirty thoughts for this hour of the day*

2002-09-18 10:21:38 ET


2002-09-18 12:12:35 ET

Uhhh... Yep. Still thinking em'. *munching on grill flavoured wheat snack, known in Israel as "Bisli"*

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