If the milk turns out to be sour, I ain't the kinda pussy to drink it.
2002-09-18 07:17:12 ET

TV is evil. Turned a good movie like Lock Stock into... MMmm brrr... Cheesy Poofs for the Masses. Yes. They put it on too many times! I hate TV. I shouldn't allow myself to watch movies on TV. I indulged yesterday night on some Lock, Stock and then Jackie Brown on the tely. Of course, it sucked. Watching anything on the TV sucks. I should restrict myself to watching cartoons and OZ on the TV, and thassit. I try too... And usually I'm successful (I can go weeks on end with no TV) but I've been having these insomnia periods of late... And it helps me sleep... And it's easier than reading a book (or comics)...

I need to read more. Yes. Reading is good. I'm in the middle of, like, 5 different things, and not going anywhere fast in either of em'. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Err.. Yeah.

:: Listening to: BlutEngel - Soul of Ice ::

2002-09-18 11:19:19 ET

tv is the tool of satan!

2002-09-18 12:09:45 ET

That is true. But in a bad way.

2002-09-18 12:25:48 ET

hmmm, unfortunately yes.
pop culture is a plague.

2002-09-18 12:43:08 ET

Death to Pop!

2002-09-18 13:54:54 ET


2002-09-18 14:13:41 ET

hang brittney from time square by her implants!

2002-09-19 02:20:57 ET

lol! ;)

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