This dumbass quiz. Damn you Melissa! :)
2002-09-19 07:19:05 ET

name: Shay
loc: Israel
sex: male
AIM: Telecart1
eyes: yes
hair: that too.

[ sex stuff ]
are you a virgin: nope
how many times have you had sex: not enough.

[ love ]
are you in love: I wish! :/
do you have a bf/gf: The position's open.

[ friendships ]
best friends: Ariel and Moshe. Both I've known most my life (don't see them enough though!).
I find it difficult to label a friend as "best" if I don't know em' for over a decade. :)
good friends: Quite a few. Tough thing to keep in touch with everybody, since they're all in different social circles... :(

[ have you ever ]
drank: I've been drinking pretty much regularly for the last 5 years or so.
smoked: yup
kissed the same sex: No more then a peck on the cheek, no.
kissed the opposite: yes
skinnydipped: Yup. *eyes roll*
broke a bone: Nope. I be uber strong boned.
failed a class: Not possible in my school. I learned in an arsty-farsty semi-democratic "understanding environment" special kinda school or whatever.
thought you were gonna die: Constantly. I live in Israel, which is cursed with suicide bombers, 3 year compulsory army service (fuck knows how many times I've dodged stray bullets), and really bad drivers.
killed someone: not directly, no.
cried over a boy/girl: It happens. I'm very emotional when it comes to these things.
had a death in the family: Grandparents and such. Nothin' special.
ran around nude: Well, not actual "running"...
talked on the phone for more then 5 hours: phones are evil.

[ status ; right now ]
wearing: not much at all... ;)
eating: nope
talking to: myself
phone with: no one.
time: 19:21
drinking: nothin' now.
listening to: Pirated music from the 'net. Muhahaha.

[ when was the last time you... ]
smiled?: I smile all the time.
laughed?: a real good laugh? yesterday. Slight giggles? all the time.
cried?: about two weeks ago.
bought something?: Got me a nice Radiation tee when I met up with Liron uhm... Maybe a week ago..?
were sarcastic?: I'm almost never anything else
kissed someone?: Friday, two weeks ago.
watched your favorite movie?: Hmmm. Probably about a month ago.
reading books
last book you read: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
last movie you saw: xXx with Vin Diesel
last song you heard: Squarepusher - Love Will Tear us Apart
last thing you had to drink: Coke.
last time you showered: this morning
last thing you ate: munchies.

[ do you... ]
smoke?: Not regularly.
have sex?: Haven't we discussed this?
play an instrument?: Bass Guitar, a bit of classic guitar, some piano too.
read the newspaper?: I avoid it, but I suppose I probably read one about once a week.
have any gay or lesbian friends?: a few
believe in miracles?: Define "miracle". Sometimes the fact that I bother waking up is a miracle, according to my mother.
believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: I think marriage (and monogamy, in general) is a concept that was thought up when men lived an average 30 years or so, women less. We live too long for love.
consider yourself tolerant of others?: I'm willing to accept anyone that doesn't intentionally bother me.
like the taste of alcohol?: I've been drinking pretty much daily for the last month or so, so I guess, yeah.
have a favorite candy?: Jelly snakes and all things with caramel and nougat goodness.
believe in love?: I really want to.
pray?: No.
go to church?: I'm not christian.
have any secrets?: Don't we all..? Hmmm... Uhm... Actually, nothing comes to mind. Probably things I'm embarrased of. You know, the contemporary averageman's true goal is to live through his entire life without being embarrased.
have any pets?: Nope.
do well in school?: I've finished school.
go to or plan to go to college?: I'll be heading to college or university I suppose sometime within the next 5 years, yes.
have a major?: Major Shlomo Elboim, my ex-commander, yes. :)
talk to strangers who instant message you?: Yes. Even if they're obviously bots.
wear hats?: Not for the fun of it, no.
have any piercings?: Not yet.
have any tattoos?: :/ Not yet. I need a good idea damnit!
have an obsession?: Oh, boy.
collect anything?: The skulls of those unfortunate basatards I find in dark alleys and eat for breakfast the day after.
wish on stars?: If only once one these piece of crap "believing" in stuff would actually work, I might start. (I'm agnostic, can you tell?)
like your handwriting?: Hell no. I can bearly read.
have any bad habits?: A few im sure
care about looks?: Looks (or, rather, aesthetics) are very important. If I were an employer, and I had two candidates, with the exact same "technical" aptitude, but one was more clean, tidy, hygenic, aestheticly appealing, well-dressed, etc., I would certainly choose him. There's nothing wrong with that.

2002-09-19 07:36:02 ET

"We live too long for love."
smartest thing i have heard in a long time. i never thought of monogamy that way before. it makes so much sense.

and dont you damn me!

2002-09-19 09:28:11 ET

me must go quiz myself

2002-09-19 15:41:33 ET

Melissa - Heh :o) fanks.

Noa - Yes, you must. Join the dark side!

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