I am drunk, and I think kinda sick too.
2002-09-19 16:07:44 ET

The word which comes to mind to describe my current disposition is "blah".

So today I went to the army in de morgen, and did a sign-out-tour-de-force. That is, you go around and get all your signatures from the different departments in HQ. This is usually beurocratc hell, but it only took me like 3 hours to finish. (At the time, signing in took 2 whole days). Then I went to ISTA to pay and take my plane ticket.
(side note: This is about when I heard there was a bombing in Tel-Aviv. Old news by now. We have a news cycle which lasts about an hour and a half, it's fucking amazing. Blah).
So after some more beurocratic hell at ISTA, I finally managed to get my return ticket to London/Amsterdam (they didn't have my in-between flight from London to Amsterdam, of course, even though on the phone she said they did). Grrr. ISTA are bitches.
So uhm, later I went to this party at my former-commanders house. It was on the roof, and there was lottsa lottsa good expensive alcohol. I don't really remember what I drank right now, but it most definately included several types of whiskey, vodka and beer. baaa. Did I mention I ate nothing all day long? Uhm, so Noa nagged me to come to the industrial party at the Kat-Balu, so I went, drank some more, and slowly but surely started feeling really bad. It's as if the way I felt was inversely proportional to the quality of the music. It's a shame because the music was really getting to be good by the time I couldn't take it anymore. (director's note: by now I was sitting half laying on a bench with my hand squishing my tempels, bearly moving). Blah. This is what you get for consuming nothing but alcohol on a loooong beurocracy-and-sunshine filled day. So anyway, by about 3:00 o'clock or so, I split home.
So uhm, that pretty much sums it up..
Oh, Noa, sometimes I just don't get you.
Why did you pressure me to come to the Kat Balu, and then give me nasty remarks and/or ignore me the whole evening? Were you depressed? Was it so I could loan you money at the entrance? Did I offend you somehow?? If not, then please accept this hearty "fuck you too". We've already been through this, I think. I don't appreciate being treated like dirt. Don't kick a man when he's already down.

I honestly just don't get you.

Well blah then, I'm off to sleep... I thin I'm supposed to meet an old school friend tomorrow at Tel-Aviv.. I hope I wake up. I hope I don't die in a ball of flame.

:: Listening to Primal Scream - Some Velvet Morning ::

2002-09-19 21:07:44 ET

is everything okay? hope you'll feel better tomorrow :)

2002-09-20 07:09:49 ET

MMmmmmmmmm... Blah. I feel slightly better... Not much. I think I'm dehydrated (damn airconditioner) ... Just woke up, it's fucking 19:00 o'clock...

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