2002-09-20 19:01:45 ET

There is almost nothing as mundane and conventional, yet so distressing as getting one's wallet stolen.

More on this when I wake up.

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2002-09-20 21:42:07 ET

Sorry about the wallet.
How did it happen?

2002-09-21 10:13:23 ET

Argh. I went out for some drinks with some friends, at this pub called MINZAR. I placed my handbag at my feet, as I usually do. We were drinking, having fun. Some 30+ year olds were coming on to us. All was well. Then one of my friends was heading off, and he asked if I could change his biggie money, so I picked up my bag to get my wallet out, and vua la, my bag is open, and my wallet isn't there. I figured the panic attack was imminent, but I actually took it pretty cool. Looked around, asked around, went to my car to check if it was there. Called a friend I was at a couple of hours before to see if maybe I'd forgotten it there (I didn't).. Uhm, thassabout it. I said a hearty goodbye to everyone, and went to the police station to file a report. I don't really mind losing the money I had there, or even the credit cards (cancelled those already), the problem is I have several army-security IDs and such, which are problematic to lose.. Especially since I'm suppose to discharge tomorrow from the army. So it seems I'll hafta go first to my unit, be trialed for losing my army ID, and then with the complaint warrant I'll be able to go over and discharge...
And I really haven't the will to deal with the beurocracy involved with renewing my driver's license, ID, etc... Ugh. Ho, well, s'okay I suppose..

2002-09-21 12:35:11 ET

ACK! Sorry to hear that, good luck with all that, sounds like a big hassle :/

2002-09-21 14:08:08 ET


2002-09-21 14:08:18 ET

I'll be brave, though. ;)

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