Any SK.neters from Europe?
2002-09-21 10:31:55 ET

See, I'm going to Europe (well, England, Scottland and Holland) this October. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good festivals/concerts/cool places to go and such and wants to share. . . ?

I'll keep bothering you people till you answer, damnit! :)

:: Listening to: VNV Nation - Darkangel ::

2002-09-21 14:36:28 ET

take me!
sorry, i know im no help. but i wanna go!

2002-09-21 14:41:10 ET

:o) I'd love to Mel!! When I do a coast-to-coast cross-da-friggin-USA, I'm _so_ going to crash at all you SK.neters. heh ;)

2002-09-21 14:53:08 ET

go for it!

and did you just call me mel? lol
most people go for 'misa'. and that i is like the 'i' in "his"

2002-09-21 15:03:12 ET

Gotcha, misa :)

2002-09-21 15:54:44 ET


2002-09-23 15:52:14 ET

lol lol lol. you tell him, slugger. (cracky)

2002-09-23 15:54:11 ET


2002-09-23 16:28:55 ET

hey, i only told him because i remember how you used to say my name.

2002-09-23 16:29:44 ET


2002-09-23 16:29:56 ET

if you would spell it right, people would say it right, bitch.

2002-09-23 16:31:05 ET


2002-09-23 16:31:17 ET

I see I've touched a sensitive subject.

2002-09-23 16:31:37 ET

ok then how would i spell it miss bitchy pants? (sorry im reading invisible monsters)

2002-09-23 16:33:05 ET

i am the queen supreme, you realize...

2002-09-23 16:33:07 ET

bitchy pants..? heh.

2002-09-23 16:33:55 ET

so you really have a dick? i never noticed in the pool before.

2002-09-23 16:34:05 ET

yeah, shut-it, eclipse-boy

2002-09-23 16:34:28 ET


(wax 'n' wane)

(you finish the rest, misa)

2002-09-23 16:35:25 ET

hey hey hey, this is my die-ary biatches.

(and that's shrinkage!!, in the pool. Haven't you heard of shrinkage??)

2002-09-23 16:35:25 ET

killing fuzzies is inhumane!!!
woop woop, one of my faves.

2002-09-23 16:35:53 ET

hehehehehehehhehehe.... i love ya.

2002-09-23 16:35:53 ET

Ooo, I like that song.

2002-09-23 16:36:27 ET

lol its a poem-let

2002-09-23 16:37:04 ET

to renew:
detroy that lies
that made you

see? poemlet. little short things that often dont make sense.

2002-09-23 16:37:38 ET

hehe. so cuteness.

2002-09-23 16:37:47 ET

when did you write that? i dig it.

2002-09-23 16:38:01 ET

long time ago. redleather days i think.

2002-09-23 16:41:34 ET

maybe that's why i love it so much

2002-09-23 16:42:17 ET

aww shit. we're getting nostalgic and probably pissing TE off. : (

2002-09-23 16:43:28 ET

heh heh. You can keep it up. Don't think any European SK.NETers are gonna give a fuck to reply to me anyway, if they exist.

2002-09-23 16:44:54 ET

: ( my exboyfriend's in europe? that's all the help i can give... he fucked a prostitute today... lol.

2002-09-23 16:55:20 ET

LOL which one?

shay: redleather was my nickname in another journaling community, where becky and i met.

2002-09-23 16:57:14 ET

Aaahhh. Oooo, you don't know eachother in real-life..?

2002-09-23 16:58:30 ET

we met online, actually... and then two summers ago met in real life. it's one of those cheesy internet junkie love stories.

2002-09-23 16:59:03 ET

misa: brian. lol...

2002-09-23 17:00:13 ET

ah him. london now right?

so cheesy! but we are in love and dont care about social stigmas.

2002-09-23 17:01:32 ET

OOOOOOOoooooooo. That's adorable!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Anyway, sistas, I'm off ta try and zZzleep. it's 5:00 in da morgen and I haven't slept in a few days..

2002-09-23 17:02:09 ET

hahahha. night, sweetie

2002-09-23 17:03:07 ET

night hun!

2002-09-23 17:04:02 ET

g'night sweetnessesss

2002-09-23 17:05:46 ET


2002-09-23 17:08:41 ET

lol i'm a sweetness.

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