Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty, free at last.
2002-09-22 03:48:16 ET

שורו, הביטו, וראו, מה גדול היום הזה, היום הזה.

2002-09-22 09:45:24 ET

so... how does it feel to be a civilian again?

2002-09-22 10:38:57 ET

congrats :D

2002-09-22 14:36:43 ET

:o) There are no words to describe it. After 3 years and two months..

I am not a number, I am a free man!

2002-09-22 16:50:53 ET

w00t w00t congrats!!

2002-09-22 17:02:20 ET

Thanks, Drake.

2002-09-24 00:34:17 ET

only 30 years of miluim left ...

2002-09-24 05:29:29 ET

Oh, for fuck's sake, let me indulge in the moment...

2002-09-24 20:36:17 ET

no. we're all fucked.

2002-09-25 08:37:36 ET

I'm actually kinda looking forward for doing some reserve duty... just not for 30 years... and not in some god forsaken outpost in the middle of nowhere...

2002-09-25 20:11:31 ET

actually speaking as someone who spent 3 years in god forsaken outposts, those are the best. no officers, no commanders, almost total freedom. Thats what army shouldbe like everywhere.
but you know what they say, the further away from the front - the fatter the generals.

2002-09-26 00:08:39 ET

Oooo and how chubby they are back here!!!

2002-09-26 01:20:52 ET

lol they certainly are. but the really chubby ones are nagadim

2002-09-26 07:27:28 ET

yessss NCOs we call them in anglais. Non Commissioned Officer or something.

2002-09-28 20:20:37 ET

we call them bastards. much more suited for them as a term

2002-09-29 01:15:50 ET


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