Why am I not asleep?
2002-09-22 16:47:13 ET

Okay, so yesterday was the night before I discharge from the army (I am not a number! I am a free man!).. So I guess I had reason not to fall asleep.. But why am I not asleep right now? It's been ages since I last slept, and I'm not tired in the least. Damn my parents for taking the melatonin with them abroad. I'm such a fucking insomniac.

Hmm. I'm getting hungry. I think I'll make a sandwich.

2002-09-22 16:59:37 ET


hehe insomnia fun-SOMETIMES!

2002-09-22 17:02:01 ET

I haven't slept like a normal hu-nam since Thursday. Argh.

2002-09-22 17:03:05 ET

The longest I've gone is about 11 days... creepy stuff happens.

2002-09-22 17:03:30 ET

you start going mental? hellucinations, and such?

2002-09-22 17:05:42 ET

Yes, to the highest extent. AndI think my feet are on fire so I dump milk on them, because at the time I think my water is gasolene.

2002-09-22 17:06:45 ET

that's fucked. :)


Well, I'm off for that sandwich, catcha later.

2002-09-22 17:56:31 ET

samwiches are yummy

2002-09-22 20:31:01 ET

insomnia beats sobriety anytime!

2002-09-23 15:32:06 ET

he never came back!

2002-09-23 15:48:07 ET

I was mysteriously whisked away by aliems from outside space. (well, I saw that Doberman was on the tely, so I went to watch)

2002-09-23 16:07:54 ET

you are not your fucking kahkies

2002-09-23 16:27:45 ET


2002-09-23 16:27:55 ET

that sounds very fight clubish

2002-09-23 16:29:31 ET


2002-09-23 16:30:20 ET

hehe. of course. except i spelled the pants-word wrong.

2002-09-23 16:32:38 ET

Uh. Insomnia. Now I get it *smack myself in the head* , heh fuck it's 04:31 here. Again. I'm not asleep. It's been 3 days now with no sleep. 5 days with no proper sleep.

2002-09-24 05:22:28 ET

I think insomnia is the new fade heh thing is no one wants it. Oh but hey think of all the free spare time you have now *smiles*

2002-09-24 05:28:54 ET

thank you, lord. For sarcasm. ;o)

2002-09-24 05:44:14 ET

*laughs* Sorry ummm I had the same journal entry as well. So I honestly share your fustration.

2002-09-24 14:28:08 ET

Another sleepless day gone by - but today something new(!!) - I was tired! But no time to sleep :( . . Now I'm not tired anymore. Grrr.

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