My head explodes and my body aches
2002-09-28 02:11:14 ET

Phew. What a night.
First off, takee lookee at this. Sweet huh? It took like five minutes, and I really liked the way it turned out, so I didn't want to change it anymore.
Yesterday I woke up early and got my credit cards from the friggin' bank. I think I was entrusted with the dumbest bank clerk in the Milky Way galaxy, but in the end I got what I came for. Later on me n' me sis picked up my parents from the airport. Got 2 new long-sleeved shirts! w00t! Uhm, then I went to sleep again.
So, uhm, yeah, last night.
I don't really know what it was, but there was this .. electricity in the air.
So it all began when I picked up Lady Orion. This was pretty soon after I woke up. My sister and her fiancee where having dinner at our place, and even though I subconsciously knew this, I simply had no will to get out of bed. Hope they don't hold a grudge. So then I had a long talk with a friend on the phone (phones are evil, btw). I told him I'd go visit him today in Jerusalem, since I won't be seeing him for another month (I think it's been around a month since I last saw him already).. Anyway, so then I picked up Lady Orion. Uhm. So then we were off to the Lilienblum 25. By the time we got there, everyone was already drunk n' stuff. Jumping around like madmen. It was a friend's 28th birthday (you're old Trashy! OLD!), and everbody kept jumpin around huggin n' stuff. Poppers was dispensed like hot buns on a Sunday morning... Uhm, in a place where a lot of hot buns are given out.. Err.. Something's not working right here... Well at any rate, I got drunk in the correct amount, had a great time. Hopefully - next week Slimelight in London! Yay. . .
Damn my head hurts. Oo, pizza is yummy. I'm thinking of doing my coast-to-coast in the states in either an ice-cream truck or a pizza-truck like the one selling pizza outside the lilienblum yesterday.

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Ooo, Winamp3 is cool.

2002-09-28 02:21:57 ET

This is a nice pic:


My head hurts too...damn...& i slept 11 hours! It's strange!

2002-09-28 06:53:57 ET

you are all gay.

2002-09-28 08:25:05 ET

yeah, that picture is really nice =)

2002-09-28 15:13:09 ET

rock! good job on that pic.

(winamp3 rocks the boat)

2002-09-29 01:14:39 ET

Thanks everyone! (Damn, my site's down now..but I already posted it on so u can go see there too)

Noa - If you're gonna reply "bla bla bla gay" on every one of my posts, I'm just gonna fucking delete your comments. This is MY blog. Go share your fear of being a closet Dyke-with-a-capital-D somewhere else.

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