Another hectic day in the life of...
2002-10-02 14:41:21 ET

Woke up in an hourly too early to mention.
I had my release party today.

Well, I'm over and done with that now. Just came back from watching Blade Runner (Director's Cut> with Lady Orion at Mavetgoth's place. I really do love that movie. Anyway, I'm getting to bed got a gargentuan day ahead. I've got to wake up around 6:00ish get my shit together then it's off to the airport!!

* 03/10 - London
* 05/10 - Edinburgh (and the rest of scotland)
* 14/10 - Amsterdam (maybe some more?)
* 24/10 - Back home.

I'll try posting around a bit when I get the chance.. Miss ya all! :o) buhbye now, take care!

2002-10-02 14:57:20 ET

Blade Runner, yay!

2002-10-02 16:35:25 ET

have fun.

2002-10-02 19:46:07 ET

hope you have lots of fun! keep in touch and stuff k?

2002-10-02 20:33:39 ET

have fun out there man!

2002-10-03 00:41:01 ET

enjoy your trip!!!

2002-10-03 18:28:24 ET

w00t! fun days for you!

2002-10-07 08:58:26 ET

Thanks everybody! I'm loving it here! There's no dull moment (that has a lot to do with the good scotch whiskey [or "water of life" as they like to call it here] and cheap poppers. Hooray for burning brain cells!)

2002-10-07 21:40:57 ET

man! if you can find it, theres a whiskey called "Balmoral"
the stuff is incredible...

2002-10-08 03:25:28 ET

get some absynthe too.
*devious grin*

2002-10-11 00:01:06 ET

MMmmbmbrlurp. *incoherent murmur*

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