There can be only One
2002-10-11 10:35:08 ET

Pheeew, well I'm back in Edinburgh. Me n' me mates went on a 4 day excursion to The Highlands and The Isle of Skye with Wild in Scotland.. It was pretty funky. The tour guy was a fucked up redheaded Scot, with a chip on his shoulder (especially when it came to talkin bout the English bastards) and funny as hell. We were with a bunch of Aussies and New Zealanders (I had no idea they were called "Kiwis"). I think I might've caught up a bit of my ozzie accent agan.. Hehhh...

So lemme sum the tour up:
Day 1 - Linlithgow Palace, and up to William Wallace Memorial, finishing off in Fort William.
Day 2 - Isle of Skye. Fucking Beautiful. Did quite a walk up the Quirangs. Bloody hell worth it, though.
Day 3 - Some more Highland fun - Glenshiel, Glen Cluanie and Glen Garry. Finishing off at Eilean Donan Castle
Day 4 - visited the Loch Ness, quite boring actually. Culloden battlefield was pretty horrific. This place is where a few thousand scotts (Jacabites) were butchered, and is pretty much the reason why Scotland is still ruled from London.. We then finished off at Edradour Whiskey Distillery.

If I hear any more Scotch Whiskey propaganda, I'm gonna throw up. They fucking call it "The water of Life" and "your life-long friend" n' stuff. They're all mad here I tell ya, mad.
But I like em' :)

So anyway, now I'm back in Edinburgh. We might do a day in Stirling Castle or sumfin tomorrow. Our flight to Amsterdam is on the 14th, and I'll be there till the 24th.
here I am.
Here I am again.
:: Listening to: Crappy internet cafe music - Enola Gay ::

Addendum - Peatbog Fairies are pretty cool. Scottish Trance. :)

2002-10-12 17:49:54 ET


Im glad yer having a good time

2002-10-13 13:20:18 ET

ahhhhh!!! alot of my family roots started in isle of sky! i always wanted to go and see my "motherland" some day.

sounds like a whole lot of fun!

2002-10-14 06:20:05 ET

Oh, it bloody hell is good fun! n' a beautiful land, too.

I'm having a terrific time, but now I'm leaving the UK..

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