i <3 u, terminal
2002-10-14 06:29:44 ET

Welp, I'm at the airport again. I've left Scotland for London, and now I'm in Heathrow, waiting for my flight to Schiphol, Amsterdam.
I really liked my time in scotland, it was really terrific. I'll be coming here again sometime. Yesterday we went by ourselves to a day trip to Stirling. We visited Stirling castle, and just basically walked around. It's a really nice little town. The day before we visited The Edinburgh Dungeon. It's nice, but The London Dungeon is much better. Still, all good fun. We've finished our second bottle of scotch, in front of the tely. It's really neat, since we came back from our 4 day excursion, there's been a chapter of Hellraiser trilogy each night, and we watch it while drunk and munchies are availabe. Yay! Pinhead is cool. I like Clive Barker.
On another note I also finally finished Preacher book 1. Sheesh, that took longer than expected. Good reading though.
Well, anyway, that's all 4 now, I'll update sometime later, stoned out of my skull most probably.

2002-10-14 12:49:03 ET

AHHH Hellraiser, now THAT is a way to spend a vacation.

2002-10-14 18:31:11 ET

you should come back already.
me miss you.

2002-10-15 11:38:12 ET

Angel - Yesssssssssssss. Pinheadroxmysox. ;)

Liron - OOOOOooooooooooo. I miss you toooo!! 12 down, 9 days to go :)

2002-10-28 12:07:56 ET


2002-10-28 15:07:21 ET


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