Am Am Amsterdam
2002-10-15 11:33:13 ET

Ooooooooooo I'm having fun.

It was sad for me to leave Scotland, ceoz I really loved the plkace, but now that I'm in Amsterdam, I don't really mihnd. Much. About anything. :)

Right now I'm sitting at The Doors Pub and Coffee Shop, stoned and drunk out of my ass, having a blast. The guys here were playing Nirvana, Body Count, and some other hard rock n'stuff, and then they suddenly put Ministry: Land of rape & honey, which I immidietly recognized, so I started asking if the6y like Industrial n'stuff. (Oh, this is the time to mention that they were these two raving dutch lunatics, who were jumping on each other like maniacs to the sound of territorial pissing). And they were like, "Yah! Cool!!!". So we started talkin, and so I gave em'my burnt CD, which contains a track by Observe and Control and they were like "GIVE ME.". So I took his email n'stuff.
anywaY GOTTA GO!

2002-10-15 12:02:18 ET

next time youre high, drunk, overdosing on heroine, dropping acid, etc...
remind me to ask you for cds.


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