Just came back from Jerusalem...
2002-10-26 17:37:43 ET

We played pool (I won! I won! . . . .Well, the othr guys put the 8ball and white together, but nm, I still won!!) and drank some beer.

It was really great seeing everyone.. Haven't seen em' in like a month.

Then Maayan, Ariel n' me went to eat (well, I ate steak n' cheese sandwich while they watched and drank some more beer), and I drove em' home. I dropped Maayan off, and Ariel went up with her. She's so cute. She said she'd come down in a minute and bring me something to smoke, but instead, Ariel came back down with a bag and a letter. She wrote "I'm sorry I didn't come back down. Tired. (big smiley) Good night! xoxoxo" God I love her. Anyway, then I drove Ariel hoem, and he got me the 3-pack of Desperados I forgot in his bag (I love Desperados! Tequila Flavoured beer! What a concept!)...

Then I drove back home....

On other news, if all goes well, I'll be doing an industrial piercing this Monday. Liron and Ariel are supposed to come with. I broke the news to my paretns today. They were NOT pleased. Hmmm... Then again, they weren't pleased when I pierced my upper-ear-thingie in 9th grade either.. (My mom doesn't even have any earrings herself, nor do any of my sisters. She's managed to imbue fear in us all).. But they're all like "If you dye your hair [oh, yeah, I wanna dye my hair blue or something, too] and pierce yourself you'll never find a job!"


I hate being a grown up.

I mean, for fuck's sake, I just discharged from 3.15 years of not looking how I want to look, or doing what I want to do. When else will I be able to be who I am?? When I'm 30?
21 is THE age to do whatever the fuck I want, and if it means I'll have a rougher time finding a job (it's gonna be rough anyway, it's hell out there in Israel right now), or be forced into something that is less than my skills and capabilities, coz of the way I look, then so be it. I'm in no rush to anywhere.
'Side's, I can always force my dad to hire me (I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to, though).

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2002-10-26 18:05:24 ET


2002-10-26 18:09:34 ET

... yeah?

2002-10-26 18:10:08 ET

what's up?

2002-10-26 18:11:47 ET

You've really actually tricked me into a pop-up page of hell. Don't do that again.

2002-10-26 18:12:17 ET


2002-10-26 18:33:18 ET

Or I'll be forced to kill your parents.

2002-10-26 19:10:27 ET

HA! but they are already dead!

2002-10-26 19:17:06 ET

heres to industrial piercings, discharge from the system, and blue hair dye.

cheers mate!

2002-10-27 00:57:36 ET

dank u !

2002-10-27 09:48:15 ET

no they aren't dead, silly!

2002-10-27 11:18:05 ET

Not dead yet you say? *bashes them headies some more with lamppost*

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