God I'm so bored
2002-10-27 07:22:38 ET

Please will someone relieve me of my misery!

I'm feeling anxious, and I don't know why.

I can't draw. I could barely force myself into making some avatars as a present for Sykospark. I'm feeling blocked in my head.


I don't know what to say or what to do.

I want to destroy something beautiful. Maybe I'll go burn some of my paintings or something. *ack* damn. I dropped my cellphone.

I hate cellphones anyway.

Oh, fuck this. I'm in a weird mood. I'm gonna take a shower. Maybe Liron will indulge me with some coffee.

:: Listening to: Absolutely nothing. ::

2002-10-27 07:36:01 ET

'looking through a shattered window at the rubble of an iron wall, and laughing at the beauty of it all'

2002-10-27 07:37:56 ET

Nice. Where's that from?

2002-10-27 07:42:43 ET

the song 'freedom' by code of ethics...who not many people have heard of (unfortunately)...heh...dont suppose you have by any chance..?

2002-10-27 07:47:23 ET

nope. What sort of music do they play?

2002-10-27 07:49:32 ET

hmm...early industrial/synthpopish stuff...quite a bit like depeche mode...they're probably on my top ten list of fave bands...and probably one of the most underrated and (sadly) unknown bands in existance...heh

2002-10-27 07:52:44 ET

Oooo. Cool. Me likey industrial/synth.

2002-10-27 07:55:56 ET

yes yes...do you have aim or msn or some other messenger? i could possibly send you afew of their songs later on if you want ^_^

2002-10-27 07:58:11 ET

Eh-hem. Look at my bio. I got it all.

2002-10-27 08:02:16 ET

ok, rockin (-:

2002-10-27 10:04:20 ET

Why don't you go shave some stolen monkeys ala Fight Club?

2002-10-27 11:19:33 ET

Coz I'm not sure there's something wrong with society. There may very well be something wrong with ME. (Oh, hell, that's bull. Society sucks *goes to shave monkey heads*)

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