Me pictors.
2002-10-27 13:00:52 ET

I've decided it's about time I let you guys know how I look. I uploaded two pics of me to the first gallery. Images are favourably distorted to avoid people contorting in horror at the sight of their soon-to-be ultimate leader.

We do this, because we can.


:: Listening to: Neuroticfish - Prostitute ::

2002-10-27 13:05:22 ET


2002-10-27 13:07:01 ET

Yesssss that you are, my pet.

2002-10-27 13:10:32 ET

*the banana commando bows before his all fruity leader*

2002-10-27 13:12:14 ET

lol! Remember children, I am just the Harbinger of Him.

2002-10-27 13:13:53 ET

praise the all mighty banana!!!

hari hari haaa!!!

2002-10-27 13:42:18 ET

praaaaise PRAISE!

2002-10-27 13:42:37 ET

now remember, we can't turn this into a cult like christianity.

2002-10-27 13:59:01 ET

yeah, but look, ive already found a total eclipse icon set!!

(its under the category "originals")

2002-10-27 14:10:02 ET

Eh, why not.

2002-10-27 16:51:13 ET

because then we all have to have a huge massive cult suicide. The banana is too good to kill ourselves over.

2002-10-27 22:36:26 ET

ah cool! I saw you had been taken off sk for a bit...had me worried I had lost contact w/ you. Glad to see your back 'round hun!:D

2002-10-28 09:12:44 ET


2002-10-28 09:45:40 ET

you sexy thing you

2002-10-28 09:48:41 ET


2002-10-28 09:51:05 ET

*dances around*

2002-10-28 10:01:29 ET

*doing a little jig*

2002-10-28 10:14:00 ET

oh what the hell.

*does a riverdance*

2002-10-28 10:21:18 ET

*grabes eclipse and cerebrate and dances around some more*

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