Industry's finest!
2002-10-28 10:30:11 ET

I did it! Still kinda sore, but luckily it only took a few seconds. Ariel and Liron, thanks for being there for moral support (Well, I'm thinking Liron also took some sick pleasure in watching, but I know for a fact Ariel didn't.. :))
If you're interested, there's pictures here and here (Oooh, I look so spaced out). [Don't worry kiddies: Nothing gory in these pictures. I don't like that shit either. There are more pictures, but I won't link em' here.]

Anyways, my sister is nagging me to get off the computer, plus I think I should probably go get ready. Liron is picking me up, and we're going to the Balcony. Yay!

I think Tomorrow I'll go to Jerusalem. We'll see.

:: Listening to: Sono - Keep Control ::

2002-10-28 10:34:32 ET


2002-10-28 10:39:47 ET

w00t! industrial piercings rock.

2002-10-28 10:40:37 ET

danke, danke :o)

2002-10-28 12:20:43 ET

Yes!! That looks awesome!I want one of them.. you make me jealous =)

2002-10-28 15:06:10 ET

*big smile* Thanks Angel! Go get one!

2002-10-29 13:24:00 ET

I dunno, that costs MONEY. I should be getting my lip done soon.

How much did it hurt?

2002-10-29 14:23:45 ET

mmmmmm peircing....especially on angel...mmmmmm

2002-10-29 14:48:58 ET

Hey hey, we're talking about ME here, okay ?? :))

Angel - Didn't hurt for much. Didn't last more than 20 seconds, tops, and there's this vague pain throughout the day...

2002-10-29 14:52:18 ET look oh so sexy with the peircing eclipse ;) honestly.

but angel...with a lip have to admit....mmmmmmm

2002-10-29 14:52:59 ET

yeah, i think thatll roughly go for most piercings involving the conch. but hey, whats 20 seconds right? ive done all my own for the last year (mainly cause i dont trust the body mod people around here) and i can say mine have all been about the same.

btw, it looks really cool shay. have you considered a double industrial?

2002-10-29 14:55:39 ET

My piercer was talking to Liron about that after I got this one, and I was like "hello? I'm hereee!" and they were "shut up, this doesn't concern you."

2002-10-29 14:56:48 ET

but nah, for now dis is goot. I think I might get two regular earring done in a couple of months.

2002-10-29 14:57:29 ET

lol! wow. dunno what youll end up with if you let them choose for ya.

2002-10-29 14:59:36 ET

yeah, I'll wake up some morning with a hang over and a prince albert.

Oh, and thanks Tina. I feel sexxxxy. :)

2002-10-29 15:00:56 ET

augh, im in a sketching class at the college and we have to draw nude models. one of our models had one of those.

It looks...

2002-10-29 15:07:58 ET


2002-10-29 15:08:17 ET

no prob ;)

2002-10-30 15:20:01 ET

adkjhajkhr jahr iq no prince alberts!

2002-10-30 15:45:59 ET

*trembles from the thought*

2002-10-30 15:48:30 ET

I laugh at your albert! I claim the throne mighty prince! i shall rule this kingdom with the banana of doom!

2002-10-30 15:53:00 ET

dirty dirty thoughts *beats head against wall*

2002-10-30 16:01:39 ET


2002-10-30 16:02:28 ET


2002-10-30 16:48:08 ET


2002-10-30 16:56:49 ET


2002-10-31 11:50:09 ET


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