Life is, on occasions good.
2002-10-28 15:46:31 ET

Munching on Salt n' Vinegar Pringles. Yum.

2002-10-28 15:50:37 ET

hahhahahahahahah. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

2002-10-28 15:57:24 ET


2002-10-28 20:46:40 ET

sounds like something a pregnant woman would munch on

2002-10-29 04:17:14 ET

You die! you go to hell and you die!! It's because of people like you that the focus groups told em' not to import salt n' vinegar flavour pringles to Israel!

2002-10-29 20:37:33 ET


2002-10-30 13:39:27 ET


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