2002-10-29 15:12:21 ET

Absolutely nothing.

That is what I did today.

:: Listening to: Funker Vogt - Date of Expiration ::

2002-10-29 16:26:17 ET

nothing wrong with nothing!

2002-10-29 16:28:28 ET

thanks love! I ned all the support I can get for my new aspiring profession: a hobo.

2002-10-29 16:30:52 ET

rock on! gonna sport those cute slash "uber" socks? you know? the stinky ones with the holes in them?

lol. you remind me of my exboyfriend brian... his parents are cutting him off from the family in january. that sucks. poor little rich kid.

2002-10-29 16:32:18 ET

Aaaww.. Nah, since I was a latchkey kid, my parents have no choice but to house me till I'm jobless-slob-30! Yay!

2002-10-29 16:40:35 ET


2002-10-29 16:45:44 ET

tis true. *sucking on my keyboards blood*

2002-10-29 16:47:16 ET


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