I suppose this is a compliment
2002-11-01 08:48:40 ET

I kinda find it funny, cause on almost every question in this quiz I wanted to answer more than one choice. I do feel like I'm err.. "generally" subcultured.. Not affiliating myself with any specific group. I've dabbled in a few.. But never commited. This result sorta pleases me..

The Subculture Label Quiz

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The text:
You are.. UNIQUE! Wow, you are a rare breed. You do what you want, say what you want, and wear what you want. Screw labels and subcultures! You may be considered one of the oddest people in your school, but you really could care less. What matters is what you like, and what you like only. You're a shining star!

:: Listening to: VNV Nation - Electronaut ::

2002-11-01 09:07:58 ET

I got that one too..
YAY.. haha..

2002-11-01 09:53:46 ET

Ooooooooooooooo we so special!!

2002-11-01 10:07:35 ET

woo hoo.. oh yeah

2002-11-01 14:28:49 ET

quizilla makes me cry. it never gives me my results. : (


2002-11-01 18:51:40 ET

OOoo, poor bubyyyyyyyyyy


2002-11-01 20:25:01 ET

i told ya
multisub is the way

2002-11-02 07:36:47 ET

Multisub is c0re.

2002-11-03 23:55:14 ET

I got the same one too....and I was sort of happy....but yellow and pink are my most hated colors...and thus I thought the gilry in the pic was a poor representation of me!!!:p

2002-11-04 08:27:48 ET

Cambria!! You're alive! And, yes, you are unique :)

2002-11-04 10:34:38 ET

Yes....lurking around when I get a chance! Thankyou mucho! Although I thought crazy people were pretty common place though!;p
You rock too!:D

2002-11-05 07:15:28 ET

danke vell! :)

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