2002-11-02 17:55:43 ET

buy me this.

Or the one here.

I must have a moose suit.

I must.

2002-11-03 10:48:56 ET


2002-11-03 10:52:21 ET

Yesss. A moose suit would be a blessing for Purim (the Hebrew version of Halloween, only suckier)

2002-11-03 11:00:36 ET

that moose suit is the schizzy.
I wouldnt mind owning one of those myself.

2002-11-03 11:02:44 ET

BUY ME. ;)

2002-11-03 11:04:53 ET

haha i got 60 bucks, if theres another bidder id probably be willing to pitch in on it.

(if you got me atleast 45 pictures of it once you acquired the moose suit)

2002-11-03 11:06:08 ET

pics no problemo. Now all I need is another bidder. Come on, people! I know you wanna see me in a moose suit!

2002-11-03 11:07:23 ET

we should start a telethon or something.

2002-11-03 11:08:32 ET

heh heh. YeAH!

2002-11-03 11:09:00 ET

The "See Shay in a moose suit" telethon! Donate what you can!

2002-11-03 11:10:19 ET

yesssss and we would have a follow up show, featuring 8 hours of nothing but you in a moose suit.

2002-11-03 11:11:39 ET

Yeah! I'd do it! I really would.

2002-11-03 11:13:19 ET

haha that would rock.
moose suits and how they amuse us all so...

2002-11-03 11:14:20 ET

Damnit. I really want that suit.

2002-11-03 11:16:30 ET

haha i do too now that ive seen it.

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