2002-11-03 10:43:04 ET


2002-11-03 10:49:02 ET

me too!!! want to come over? i wish we could go somewhere together... i want to come visit Israel...

2002-11-03 10:54:49 ET

OOOOOOoooooooooooooooo comevisit!comevisit! We'll take you out !

And I'd *love* to come over.

In due time, when I get the money, I'm SO going to travel the US.

2002-11-03 10:59:15 ET

i wish i could... but i'm in school, i'm working and i don't have the money... *sigh* but i'm gonna turn 21 in 6 months, wanna come visit me? we can check out the scene in Seattle together...

2002-11-03 11:01:51 ET

Heh, cool. 6 months you say? If I find a job, I could make enough money, err.. around 7 months. I want to go a cross country, and I'll definately hit Seattle. I donno if I'll be starting west coast or east coast... Hmm. I suppose it'll be a matter of the weather or something.

2002-11-03 11:05:23 ET

i'll be waiting... :)

2002-11-03 11:07:25 ET

I am going to crash n' burn at your place. muhahaha.

2002-11-03 11:12:48 ET

sure... now i need to come up with something to tell my parents... ("...ahhmmmm... he's just a guy i met on the internet... can he stay?") ;)

2002-11-03 11:13:47 ET

heh heh. Tell em' my dad's a kibbutznik. Kibbutznikim are always welcome, wherever they go. :)

2002-11-03 11:17:02 ET

yeah, they are... anyway, got to go now... have homework to do... blah... :(

2002-11-03 11:17:07 ET

go then! :D

2002-11-03 11:21:31 ET

I'm gonna go feed, too. Food is goot.

Hi Beckyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

2002-11-03 12:01:15 ET

It's a scary world out there.

2002-11-03 12:54:40 ET

Scarier in here.

2002-11-03 17:08:11 ET

hiiii honeeeyyy!!! :D

2002-11-03 17:42:12 ET


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