2002-11-03 13:18:55 ET

I just got back from a long walk.

I was so bored.. and .err.. bothered, I needed to get out of the fucking house.

And now, I suppose I'll rot in front of IRC and IM.

Someone, anyone, entertain me? Please..?

2002-11-03 13:57:38 ET

i know how that goes...and hmmm...<does a little dance> how's that for entertainment?
ill be here all week...

2002-11-03 14:02:35 ET

Ooo! Do that little jig again! (Where's Liron when I need a little dance??)

2002-11-03 14:06:39 ET

ok! <dances again>
and i do not know where liron is...in fact im not even sure who liron is...but thats ok

2002-11-03 14:12:05 ET

Liron is /ladyorion and she's here (I know you are! You're green goddamnit!)

2002-11-03 14:12:48 ET

hmm...well ok then

2002-11-03 18:09:46 ET

i wrote you back. <3

2002-11-04 08:24:56 ET

Got it. :) Thanx

2002-11-04 10:29:25 ET

<3 wuv

2002-11-05 07:35:13 ET

*slurp!* <3

2002-11-05 10:40:32 ET


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