Nothin much goin on...
2002-11-07 11:21:10 ET

Well, yeah..

Except for waking up and going to The telecom expo yesterday (yesterday? I think it was yesterday), I haven't been doing much as of late.

Thank God for coffee.

Anyway, I've been going to sleep when most everyone wakes up, this is unhealthy, I think.

I need to shave, I need to get a haircut, I need to get a job. I think I'm becoming a hobo. I'll never get any of those things if I don't wake up when the sun is still out.


:: Listening to: Add N to (X) - Metal fingers in my body ::

2002-11-07 11:40:52 ET

havent been receiving enough vitamin D recently, eh?

2002-11-07 11:48:16 ET

Could be. *cough*

2002-11-07 11:50:25 ET

yeah, you hobo!!! why won't you get a job, you bum!!! and take a shower too!!! you're starting to smell like a hippie!

2002-11-07 11:52:43 ET

Yeah. Starting to feel like one, too. *hugs a tree*

2002-11-07 11:57:37 ET

lol! tree hugger!!! i knew i smelled something bad...

2002-11-07 12:03:16 ET

Yes, it's the stinkyness of it all. Bwahaha.

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