My sister's birthday!
2002-11-10 15:53:09 ET


So today I went for coffee at Liron's.. Nothing new there. :) We were kinda looking for some random thing to do, so I suggested we go to Eilat (that's 5+ hours drive, fyi). .. But we ended up inviting Coby, Liron's boyfriend over, and going out to Colombus, this singing-waiter-diner-place. We sat at the bar (Liron and the barman go waay back), and me and Coby feasted on some YumBurgers. Yum. My stomach is still hardly accepting its fate...
Thassabout it...
Tomorrow we'll be going out for dinner (me n' me family) to celebreate dis birthday shindig. Seafood. Hmmm. Maybe I'll end up drinking beer in The Balcony after that. We'll see.

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2002-11-10 16:07:37 ET

sounds super excellent :D :D

anything called "YumBurger" makes me smile...

so thank you for that.


2002-11-10 16:21:09 ET

I made that up :)

2002-11-10 16:22:45 ET

(laughing) i figured as much. it would just be too coote.

2002-11-10 16:23:43 ET

heh heh. 'tis true.

2002-11-11 10:32:22 ET

/me wants a yumburger...

2002-11-11 10:37:26 ET

i think i might go vegie...

2002-11-11 10:38:31 ET

If you go vegie I might be forced to eat you.

חסה זה האוכל של האוכל

2002-11-11 11:48:34 ET

lol! i just don't eat meat that often. i eat beef maybe once every two months and chicken maybe once a week. don't eat pork at all. but i don't think i'll ever go completely veggie... i don't know... it will be kinda hypocritical of me... i have like 3 pairs of leather boots and i collect leather jackets... i have a leather trench coat and every time i wear it, i tell everybody that i'm wearing 2 dead cows...

2002-11-11 16:10:45 ET


2002-11-11 19:00:36 ET


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