2002-11-11 17:38:59 ET

Welp, had a merry birthday dinner with me family at the Manta Ray by the sea... Then went back home, n' off to pick up Liron and Amir from Herzliya, and go out to The Balcony to drown our sorrows in alcohol. :)

I also went out with Sheqse for some yummy thai-sandwich thingie. Yum.

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2002-11-12 14:45:10 ET


2002-11-12 15:04:00 ET

No, twas my sister's birthday.

2002-11-12 15:04:19 ET

27th February 81 is me Barfday.

2002-11-12 15:04:50 ET

o_O I didnt know that.. lol.. oopsies.

2002-11-12 15:08:04 ET

s'okay. ;)

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