Enter: Scrooge.
2002-11-16 13:24:25 ET

Very Weird night yesterday at the Lilienblum. I was visited by 3 ghosts, from different periods of my life.
Frankly, it was kinda scary.
Scary, but fun, too.
Let me explain.
As mentioned, I ended up going to the Lilienblum (big surprise), and not to Jerusalem, cause my friends there weren't doing much. I haven't the will to go to Jerusalem on a weekend to bloody sit in the same ol' fucking pub.

The Ghost of Christmas Past: I was in the toilet, waiting a hellishly long time to release my bladder (one booth was occupied by some couple fucking, and another was occupied by Noa.. uhm.. Doing something. Probably throwing up.) And so I talked to these guys who post on some alternative forum on the net, when suddenly this big butch fella comes over to me and says "Shay? I know you from Jerusalem." I'm like "Whaa..?Gzrblarghdfastmnmmmblbee..?" And he goes on "Yeah, from Second Cup? We used to play Magic:the gathering? My name is Baruchi." Then it hit me. I remembered this nose-picking uber-dweeb, and before me stood this totally normal (kinda big) guy. We talked about some magic crap I found utterly uninteresting (this is the guy I sold my cards too about a billion years ago, a shmillion years after I stopped playing), and I quickly escaped to the toilets on the second floor. Later on that evening I saw Baruchi prancing to Hocico and Frontline Assembly...
I remember where I came from.

The Ghost of Christmas Present: Because Shapira gave such a lousy set (okay, and so I can blatantly stare at my secret lesbian lover [I wish]) I hanged around quite a lot in the britpop room (I really enjoy myself there. I think I should hang there more). Then the ghost appeared. This really tall, bearded guy came up to me and said 'Hey Shay, remember me?".. Again, I gave a garbled drunken response. "From Advanced Training" Then it hit me. I remembered him. Wow, it's been a long time. (He grew a beard). He used to be a mainstreamy prep kinda guy, but one of the good guys. We used to be really close during our 9 week course. We had a week together guarding a small town next to my home in Jerusalem, and we used to talk about everything. From smoking pot in the army, to where we're gonna find ourselves. He found himself signing three years and going to officer's course the week I entered my 2-month-overtime (he was suppsoed to discharge, too). It's funny. He went to Officer's course with Aviv, one of my underling pupils in the army.
Still fixating on the army aren't we?

The Ghost of Christmas Future: I saw Liya last week in the parking lot. Ever since we've been phoning eachother and trying to meet up. She showed up about 15 minutes after I got in. She was accompanied by a mainstreamy friend of hers, who was hating every second they were inside. We managed to drink a beer, and that was about it, before Liya and her friend left for the Gat Rimon (some other disco).

After the Lili I connected to IRC for a few minutes, just to see who was on. Strangely enough, Liya was on. Seems she's an IRC junkie, too, and a friend of mine knew her, and showed her who I was. I thought that was really cute. Anyway, hopefully I'll come by Jerusalem sometime next week, and we'll finally meet up like normal Earthlings.
No Fate but what we make.

So, that was my bizzaro-evening. All n' all I suppose it was fun. I just finished working on translating something for my dad (yay! money on da side!) . I wanted to finish my CV today too.. I guess it won't happen. I want to wake up early tomorrow, and actually do something. I don't know if I should go to Manpower, or what.

What does my future hold? Even my near future is unclear.

We'll just have to wait and see.

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2002-11-16 20:18:31 ET

Sounds like you had an interesting nite.
i fear I will run into a ghost of the past,
but I nevr do...that s good. I shouldn t dwell
on it.

2002-11-16 21:25:13 ET


2002-11-17 03:29:32 ET

Miz - It was one of the weirder nights of my life, let me tell ya. I felt like I was on acid.

Angel - I like your Avatar (you loyal monkey, you).

2002-11-17 12:15:40 ET


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